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Socio-Legal Research Seminar Series – Spring 2016

The Socio-Legal Research Centre at the School of Law and Government, DCU, hosts a socio-legal research seminar series through each academic term. Generally this involves a legal academic whose work goes beyond black-letter law and considers broader social, political or economic factors bearing upon particular legal questions. The seminars tend to be open and interactive: those present are not expected to be expert or even necessarily engaged in the field of scholarship addressed by the scholar or scholars presenting at the seminar. The concern is with enhancing understandings of socio-legal research and methodologies, as much as with engaging in substantive questions. The idea is that socio-legal researchers in different fields and at different stages of their research careers can share their work and experiences.

Spring 2016 Seminar Series

Autumn 2015 Seminar Series


Spring 2016 Seminar Series

Wednesday 9th March, AG45 (Albert College building), 3-4
Dr. Adam McAuley, School of Law and Government, DCU
‘(Mis)perception of race discrimination by the Labour Court and the Equality Tribunal’

Wednesday 6th April, CG35: Henry Grattan building, 3-5
Dr. Charles O’Mahoney, School of Law, DCU
‘Persons with mental health problems and the criminal justice system in Ireland: law, policy and reform’

Wednesday 20th April, AG45 (Albert College building), 3-5
Dr. Darren McStravick
Dr Stephen Coutts
Dr Aisling de Paor
School of Law and Government, DCU
‘A conversation on the experience and challenges of doing socio-legal research’   


Autumn 2015 Seminars 

Wednesday 14th October, C167: Henry Grattan building, 3-5
Dr. Vicky Conway, School of Law and Government, DCU
‘Embedding human rights in Irish policing: a socio-legal analysis’

Wednesday 28th October, CG35: Henry Grattan building, 3-5
Dr. Tanya Ni Mhuirthile, School of Law and Government, DCU
‘Identifying your methodology in socio-legal research: a consideration of comparative, doctrinal, rights-based and feminist approaches’

Wednesday 11th November, C167: Henry Grattan building, 3-5
Dr. Sinéad Ring, Kent Law School, University of Kent
‘Is Redemption Possible Here? Developing an Ethics of Memory for Historical Childhood Sexual Abuse in Ireland’