Certificate in Religious Studies Part-time (DC996)


The Certificate in Religious Studies Part-time (CRS PT) programme fulfills the requirements of the Irish Episcopal Conference to enable teachers qualified outside the island of Ireland, to teach in Catholic Primary schools in the Republic of Ireland. (Recognition of Qualifications to Teach Catholic Religious Education in Catholic Primary Schools in the Island of Ireland ).


Entry to the CRS PT programme is open to any teacher with a qualification to teach in a primary school in Ireland, which is recognised by the Teaching Council of Ireland.


The course consists of a four modules in total which are delivered during the academic year.

  • CCE 501 Religious Education
    • This module is normally delivered face to face at DCU Institute of Education, St Patrick's Campus, Drumcondra, in late August. However due to the Covid 19 context, it will be delivered online this year. Students will be required to attend live sessions on the 18th, 19th and 20th of August, 2021).
  • CCE 502 Introduction to Theology
    • This module is delivered online asynchronously which enables students to access the content at a time which is convenient to their schedules. The module is available to students in October/November.
  • CCE 503 Spirituality, Liturgy and Sacraments
    • This module is also delivered online asynchronously and is available to students in January/February.
  • CCE 504 Moral and Systematic Theology
    • This module is delivered face to face in St Patrick’s Campus, DCU over the course of two Saturdays in March/April (dates to be finalised in consultation with student cohort and staff).

Each module is worth five credits. Full attendance at lectures is a requirement of the programme. All modules have two distinct components which are each assessed by a 1,500 -2,000 word assignments, or equivalent. The workload is very manageable and the vast majority of our students are working full time while completing the programme. 

Programme Fees

The fees for the CRS PT programme are €1200 in total (60% of which must be paid upon registration).

Application Procedure

Applications for the CRS PT programme are made through the Student Recruitment Portal.

(Useful support is available on the Guide to the Student Application Portal at the following link).

The course code is DC996 and the closing date is July 16th, 2021.

You will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee of €50 at this stage.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Director should you have any questions regarding the application process.


For further information, please contact: Dr Cora O’Farrell, Programme Director, CRS PT

Tel: 01 7009267   Email:cora.ofarrell@dcu.ie and please also cc CRSPT@dcu.ie

CRS Part-Time Timetable