Adult Religious Education and Faith Development Research Project

The AREFD project

Welcome to the Adult Religious Education and Faith Development (AREFD) research project.

In late 2018, researchers at the Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education (MDCCE) at Dublin City University began working on an exciting project exploring the nature, scope and potential of religious education and faith development for adults in Ireland.  Funded by the Presentation Sisters North East Province, the project  enhanced public awareness of the great work already happening in communities, parishes and groups.  In consultation with various people already actively engaged in adult religious education and faith development, the research team gathered rich data on the spectrum of religious education and faith developments for adults in Ireland.  As the project progressed, it was hoped that the learning gained from the lived wisdom of those involved in AREFD in Ireland would encourage and inform many different groups across Ireland in setting up new opportunities for adults to explore. 

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Below is a video by Dr. Bernadette Sweetman introducing the project.