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CCRS Supplementary Qualification (Module CCE 501A)

Certificate in Catholic Religious Studies (CCRS) Supplementary Qualification

(Module CCE 501A)



The CCRS Supplementary Qualification develops knowledge, skills and competencies in key areas of Catholic education.  For primary educators who qualified in England and Wales and also hold a Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS), it fulfills the requirements of the Irish Bishops Conference to teach Religious Education in Catholic primary schools in Ireland. (c.f. Appendix A of the document Recognition of Qualifications to Teach Catholic Religious Education in Catholic Primary Schools in the Island of Ireland ).



Entry to the CCRS Supplementary Qualification is open to any primary teacher with a qualification which is recognised by the Teaching Council of Ireland, and who also possesses a CCRS.



The course consists of a stand-alone module within the university. This module is called Religious Education, CCE 501A. The module concentrates on the methodologies and theoretical underpinnings of teaching religious education in Irish Catholic primary schools.

This module will be delivered face-to-face at DCU Institute of Education, St Patrick's Campus, Drumcondra, week beginning 3rd July 2023 - it is currently under-review for EPV Day accreditation. Assessment is an inbuilt component of the three day programme full attendance at the live sessions is compulsory.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be provided with a letter of completion from Dr Cora O’Farrell, Director, the Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education at Dublin City University.

Course Fees

The course fee is 350 euro.



Application Procedure

Applicants are essentially applying to complete an individual module within the university for professional accreditation. Prospect students must, therefore, complete the 'single module' registration process - completion of an R26 form for the Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education - Click Here


All guidance is given on the form; however, you will need the following details - 

The module code is CCE501A

The Module semester is Semester 2

Its title is 'Religious Education'

Faculty is the Institute of Education


You will also need to include validated proof of your ID with your application i.e. get a copy of your passport stamped and signed as valid proof of your ID, at a Garda station. You will need to do the same with your CCRS parchment or transcript.

Upon completion of the R26 form and preparation of the validated ID and CCRS qualification, please scan your application and email it to If you are not in a position to scan your documentation, you can post it to:

Dr David Kennedy, School of Human Development, Moville, St Patrick’s Campus, Dublin, D09 DY00. 

Please Note: When David receives the application, he will make contact in order to provide further direction concerning fee payment etc.

Closing date: 23 June 2023



For further information, please contact: Dr David Kennedy, Programme Chair, CCRS Supplementary Programme.

Tel: 01 700 9242   Email: