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Materials Research and Development

The Manufacturing Processes and Material Performance research group at Dublin City University has a long-standing base of internationally published research. The focus of the group is to conduct and disseminate fundamental, strategic and applied research of the highest quality. The group has chosen to target its research plan over the next five years on the following strategically important aspects of manufacturing processes and materials:


  • Advanced composite material processing and characterisation
  • Joining processes for dissimilar/non-traditional materials
  • Biomaterial development and characterisation
  • Finish and high speed machining of hard, abrasive and electronic materials
  • Material forming


In doing so, it is building upon expertise gained in powder and liquid based manufacturing processes, materials removal techniques, joining technologies, and material performance modelling and experimental validation. Many of the projects undertaken in this group rely upon state-of-the-art computer based design techniques, and manufacturing technologies. The undertaken cutting edge research in these areas feeds well into continually providing up to date undergraduate course material.

  • ESH
  • Lenton Laboratory Furnace
  • Induction Furnace
  • Carbolite Tube Furnace
  • Carbolite Furnace
  • Instron