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Technologies and Facilities 

If your company is considering a collaboration with the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, as well as the research expertise of our faculty, we can provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for the project: 

Powder Processing Equipment 

  • Attrition, ball and cryogenic milling equipment
  • Netzsch Dilatometer
  • Stanton Redcroft DTA/TGA
  • Micromeritics Helium Pycnometry
  • Quantachrome Mercury Porosimetry
  • Micromeritics BET Surface Area
  • Micro Raman Spectroscopy

Mechanical Testing Equipment 

  • Instron Tension/Compression m/c
  • ESH Servo-Hydraulic Fatigue m/c
  • Purpose-built Torque-Tension
  • Micro/Macro Hardness Testers
  • Charpy Impact / Grindosonic Modulus
  • FTA 200 angstrom wettability analyser
  • High temperature capillary viscometry
  • Bulge forming

Microstructure Characterisation Equipment 

  • Optical Microscopes / Image Analysis
  • Sample preparation equipment
  • SEM (Carl Zeiss LS15) with EDX, BSD, and Cathode luminescence
  • Alicona software
  • Bruker D8 Advance XRD
  • Spectrometers – Spectro LES, ICP, AAS, USB650-VIS-NIR Red Tide /  integrating sphere Labsphere 4PGPS040S 

Surface Coating Equipment

  • HVOF, Thermal Plasma Spray, PVD, CVD, Magnetron Sputtering
  • Surface characterisation equipment: CII Veeco AFM, Nikon stylus profilometers, Laser profilometer / interferometry, Infinite focus microscope, Veeco white light interferometer (NT1100)

Powder Sintering Equipment

  • Stratasys FDM, ZCorp 3DP 310, Wax prototyping

Laser Processing

  • CO2 1.5 kW Rofin laser centre, CO¬2 100W, Excimer ATLEX-200/300i (KrF 248 nm), 1.6 J Nd:YAG Newport Quanta Ray, Nd:YAG 2 and 4  W, 532 nm (Freq. doubled Nd:YAG) 4 W, Ti-Sapphire femtosecond laser