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Research Opportunities 

The School welcomes applications from prospective postgraduates with an interest in research in biomedical engineering, innovative manufacturing and sustainable technology. Enquiries should be directed to Dr Joseph Stokes, Head of School, or Dr Dermot Brabazon, Senior Lecturer. 

Only when an informal agreement on the detail of a research project is reached and funding is secured, should you complete the Postgraduate Research Application Form. 

+ Application Procedure 

Applicants must submit the following: 

  • A research proposal (of approx. 5,000 words) (guidelines below).
  • A complete curriculum vitae, including results for undergraduate and postgraduate awards (for each year of study) and for any research projects, dissertations or thesis completed.
  • Name of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering faculty member supporting your application.  

You should only apply if a faculty member is supporting your proposal. If there are none who have undertaken, or are interested in, research related to your proposal, it is unlikely to be accepted. You should ensure your intended research topic matches the research interests of one or more members of faculty. Applications are normally considered between April and September. If you are considering a PhD, you may self-fund or get funded via one of the research funding routes below. 

+ Writing a Research Proposal 

When preparing your topic, read the guidelines on writing a PhD research proposal and ensure you: 

  • Clearly outline your chosen research question.
  • Display evidence of your familiarity with relevant literature relating to your research question, including knowledge of published research from appropriate research journals.
  • Position your research question(s) in the relevant research literature.
  • Indicate the contribution your research will make to this body of knowledge.
  • Suggest a possible methodology that is suitable for your study.

Applicants who have the support of a proposed supervisor may be invited to interview.  If successful, you will be required to apply formally to DCU via the Postgraduate Applications Centre. Please note that applications submitted to the PAC before faculty approval is given, will not be considered.

 + Further Information

+ Scholarship Opportunities 

+ National Research Funding Schemes 

  • Science Foundation Ireland provides grants for researchers from around the world based in Ireland, as well as for outstanding research visitors, conferences and symposia, and collaboration with industry.
  • Enterprise Ireland offers funding for science and engineering programmes focused on commercialisation activities.
  • Health Research Board is the lead agency in Ireland supporting health research.
  • Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland offers commercial feasibility grants for energy system and usage development initiatives.
  • Environmental Protection Agency supports R&D in a range of environment areas.
  • Marine Institute coordinates, promotes and assists marine research and development.
  • Royal Irish Academy awards 60 grants a year for humanities and natural science research.
  • Teagasc (Irish Agriculture and Food Development Agency) provides 30 new postgraduate places each year with a grant of up to €21,000 per student. 

+ International Funding Schemes

  • Welcome Trust
  • FP7 People / Marie Curie
  • Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP)
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • EU-Atlantis
  • European Research Council

Postgraduate Research Applications

General information on making a Postgraduate Research application is available from the Graduate Studies Office.

All postgraduate research applications made for commencement BEFORE 1st September 2024 will be processed through the DCU student application portal.

A step by step guide for making applications for postgraduate research commencement BEFORE 1st September 2024 is available here.

All postgraduate research applications made for commencement AFTER 1st September 2024, will require the applicant to complete a pre-application form. Once this form has been reviewed, the applicant will sent information via email around how to progress their application to DCU.