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Consultancy Services

The National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) provides a range of consultancy services to external groups, institutions and organisations both nationally and internationally. Our consultancy services include but are not limited to the following areas of expertise relevant to digital, blended and online learning:

Policy and Strategy Development

The NIDL can offer specialist consultancy services in the area of policy and strategy development. Developing a vision and strategic plan is crucial to realising the potential of digital learning on an enterprise level and we have experience in policy development at both a national and institutional level. We can also offer an audit, review and/or benchmarking service which can help institutions and organisations to assess their current status and identify needs and areas for further development. 

Design, Implementation and Evaluation

The NIDL welcomes opportunities to work with other groups and institutions where we can share our knowledge and expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating digital learning initiatives. In particular, we can offer specialist consultancy services in the area of learning design along with considerable experience in the technical and effective pedagogical implementation of virtual learning environments such as Moodle and related digital technologies. We have particular expertise in the planning and implementation of such tools on an enterprise and institution-wide scale with a strong pedagogical focus. 

Developing Teacher Capability

The NIDL has considerable expertise in designing pedagogically appropriate teaching enhancement activities and professional development programmes that help to exploit the potential of digital learning. We understand the importance of investing in staff development in order to realise the benefits of digital learning on an institution-wide basis. Our particular strength is designing professional learning experiences that have a real impact on the quality of teaching or training at a whole of programme and/or academic department level.

Workshops and Scholarly Presentations

The NIDL has links to leading researchers and practitioners in the field who we can call on to facilitate workshops and deliver high quality scholarly presentations. Our own staff are also frequently requested to design bespoke workshops and present keynote addresses at professional events and conferences throughout the world. Within the broad field of digital learning we have particular interests in policy development, teaching development, learning support, quality enhancement, the effective use of Moodle, the implementation of e-portfolios, open educational resources and courses (including MOOCs), and online delivery to international students living overseas, to name a few.

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