Teaching Online - Resource Bank


This website provides links to many useful resources on teaching online. The Resource Bank aims to share the advice of experienced online educators worldwide to help higher education institutions harness the potential of online, hybrid and blended learning. Our NIDL team update the site on a semi-regular basis and welcomes any suggested resources for inclusion. 


1. DCU Resources 

The following DCU Resources may be of interest to other institutions and educators in developing their own continuity responses:

• Loop Guides 

The Loop Staff Support Guide only accessible through Loop offers a suite of resources available to support online teaching and there is a similar Loop 101 for Students guide. 

Keep Teaching 

Guide for ways those who teach can prepare and keep teaching first published 10th March on DCU's Coronavirus website 

Keeping Learning 

Guide for ways students can keep learning first published 11th March on DCU's Coronavirus website

• DCU Key Principles to Inform and Further Develop Alternative Assessment 

Key principles informing alternative assessment decisions at DCU 

• Advice for Choosing Alternative Assessments

Advice guide for DCU staff in making decisions about alternative assessments developed by TEU / CARPE

Discover DCU

 A suite of free online study preparation and development courses for students

Circle Online

A blend of a meet-up peer mentoring circle to support information professional learning on teaching online

Studiosity Study Support 

Free 24/7 study coach and writing service embedded in Loop for DCU Connected students and other selected campus-based learners

Guide to Teaching Evaluation

A guide to how to support teaching evaluation and critical reflection on practice before, during and after teaching

Checklist for Teaching Evaluation

A checklist for reflection and the evaluation of teaching and course design drawing on the ABC Learning Design Framework

2. OpenTeach Resources

The following resources have been developed by a team in the NIDL as part of the #OpenTeach project funded by the Irish National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.:

• OpenTeach Free Online Course on Online Teaching - Started Monday 23rd March 

Free online course offered by the #OpenTeach team as part of a National Forum funded project - watch for news of next offering

• Getting Started with Online Teaching

Draft guide for those who teach and output of the #OpenTeach project funded by the Irish National Forum

• Tips from the Coalface

Short series of video clips providing simple tips and advice to educators new to teaching online

• Tips from the Coalface: Getting Started with Teaching Online • Tips from the Coalface: Teaching Online is Different • Tips from the Coalface: Social Presence in Online Teaching 
Tips from the Coalface: Facilitating Discussion Forums Tips from the Coalface: Live Online Classes  Tips from the Coalface: Supporting Online Students

• Teaching Online Takeawy Guides 

A suite of useful guides and key takeawy reports produced by the #OpenTeach project 

• Teaching Online is Different 

Report produced at end of 2019 by #OpenTeach team as part of a project funded by the National Forum

3. IUA Higher Education in Isolation 

A very interesting vlog series from the Irish Universities Association as part of the Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning in Irish Universities project 

• Week 1 Orla Wood - DCU • Weel 1 Dr Niall Madden - NUIG • Week 1 Prof. Theo Lynn - DCU
• Week 2 Danny Shields - TCD • Week 2 Julia Dolan - UL • Week 2 Sile Ni Mhurchu - UCC
• Week 2 Vish Gain - DCU • Week 3 Jeneen Naji - MU • Week 3 Kevin Coogan - UCD
• Week 3 Ciara Lynch - TCD Week 4 Lucy Prenderville - TCD Week 4 Grace Egan - UL
Week 4 Vidhi Saraswat - UCD Week 5 Niamh Cullen - Maynooth Week 5 Marian Caulfield - UCC
Week 5 Tomás Ward - DCU Week 6 Leo Snygans - NUIG Week 6 Busie Morphe - UCC
Week 6 Naman Sharma - UL Create Your Own Vlog  

EDTL Webinar Series 

10 Simple Rules for Supporting Online Teaching  Response to the INDEx Survey
Launch of the UDL Toolbox Learning from the Pandemic: Lessons Learned
Copyright Law and Open Licenses Consider Your Students 
What Just Happened Assessment Online in a Crisis
International Perspectives on Online Teaching Consider Communicationns and Engagement
Reflect on Emergency Pivot Consider Content and Activities 

4. News Updates

• Coronavirus Times Higher Education Latest News

Open access to Coronavirus education news produced by the THE

Inside Higher Ed Coronavirus News

Provides latest news on how higher education is reacting to the new coronavirus pandemic

How Should Providers be Communicating About Covid-19?

An interesting analysis of how UK universities have so far responded to Covid-19 through social media

Coronavirus Higher Education Industry Briefing

A media analysis of key stories and conversations making headlines in week of April 14th 2020

Padlet Wall

5. Useful External Resources

The following list of links and resources may be useful to educators as they prepare their own institutional guides and support tools to move courses to fully online teaching. Please let us know if you have a useful resource that we can share on this page and please support ICDE global initiatives and use the hash tag #LearningTogether in your social media posts. 

5.1 Quality Checklists and Design Frameworks

• Quality Matters Emergency Checklist

An instructional checklist for educators with downloadable resourcs for schools and higher education institutions 

OLC Quality Scorecard

A suite of quality and benchmarking tools for supporting excellence in online learning

US National Standards for Quality of Online Learning

Second edition published in 2019 the standards cover online teaching, online programs and online courses

• Designing a Community of Inquiry in Online Courses

Useful summary of instructional activities to create an online Community of Inquiry



• E-xcellence - Quality Assessment for E-learning

A quality and bencmkarking tool produced by EADTU

ACODE Benchmarks for Technology Enhanced Learning

A benchmarking tool from Australia and New Zealand for whole of institution quality enhancement

Technology Enhanced Learning Accreditation Standards

benchmarked accreditation scheme for higher education institutions produced by ASCILITE 

Open SUNY Course Quality Review

A useful rubric from Open SUNY for reviewing the quality of online courses

ABC Learning Design Toolkit 

An online version of the ABC Learning Design Framework by the University of Auckland

Guidelines on Distance Education during Covid-19

A set of guidelines published by the Commonwealth of Learning

Five Norms and Five Rubrics for High-Quality Online Learning 

A list of quality attributes produced by the Global Online Academy 

• DCU Quality Checklist

A series of prompts and reflective questions for educators to consider when designing and delivering online courses 


5.2 Online Teaching Tips and Best Practices

ICDE Coronavirus and Online and Distance Teaching

A response from the International Council for Distance Education with a number of initiatives

European Commission: Online Learning Resources

A collection of resources relevant to supporting online learning in response to Coronavirus 

Covid-19 Faculty Playbook

A collaboration between the OLC, APLU and the Every Learner Everywhere Network with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

• Top Tips for Getting Started Teaching Online

Read and contribute to this Padlet wall to share tips and suggestions for online teaching with other educators

The 10 Fundamentals of Teaching Online 

A comprehensive resource written by Tony Bates for Contact North

National Forum: Online Teaching Resources

A community sourced list of resources for Irish educators compiled by the National Forum


TEQSA Online Learning Good Practice 

A comprehensive resource containing links to other resources launched by TEQSA in Australia

New Zealand Online Expertise

A collection of links and resources collated by the Tertiary Education Commission 

• OLC Online Learning Toolkit

Comprehensive toolbox for online teaching and learning from US based Online Learning Consortium

Open SUNY Remote Online Teaching Resource

A very comprehensive list of links and resources for teaching online compiled by Open SUNY

Rule of 2's: Keeping it Simple as You Go Remote 

A resource designed to give just two tips or suggestions in response to seven key questions

• 10 Strategies for Online Learning During a Coronavirus Outbreak

Useful resource produced by ISTE in the US to help educators move online

• 10 Tips for Effective Online Discussions

An older Educause resource still useful on how to maximise effective online discussions 

• Preparing to Take School Online? Here Are 10 Tips to Male it Work

An EdSurge article with 10 tips for school teachers and educators 

• 14 Simple Tips for Better Online Teaching

A short piece in The Conversation by Dr Kyungmee Lee, Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning, Lancaster University

Five Tips for Moving Teaching Online as COVID-19 Takes Hold

A handful of tips and suggestions published in Nature for educators

Eight Steps for a Smoother Transition to Online Teaching

A useful blog by J A Millar with eight tips and suggestions for online teaching

Seven Ways to Improve Students' Online Learning Experiences in your Subject

A resource produced by Prof. Gregor Kennedy at the University of Melbourne

Nine Ways Online Teaching Should be Different from Face-to-Face

A list of best practices for teaching online in schools from Melanie Kitchen

• An Emergency Guide (of sorts) to Getting This Week’s Class Online

 A collection of advice, suggestions and comments from the EduGeek Journal

Welcome to Teach Online

A useful website from Arizona State University with many resources and toolkits for teaching online

ASU Image

• Best Practices for Online Teaching

A useful framework as illustrated above on the best practice of online teaching produced by our colleagues at Arizona State University (Salcido & Cole, 2018) 

Guide to Fostering Asynchronous Online Discussion in Higher Education

A comprehensive guide to supporting asynchronous online discussions with practical examples

• Advice to Those About to Teach Online

Useful advice from Tony Bates with eight guiding lessons on how to teach online 

PDST Distance Learning

Dedicated content that has been developed to support Irish schools and teachers engaged in distance learning

Teaching at a Distance: Methods that Work

A series of 10 helps sheets produced by the UK Open University

• Distance Learning Solutions

Useful resource produced by UNESCO with lots of links to tools and distance learning solutions 

• Going Online in a Hurry

Useful article in Chronicle of Higher Education on what to do and where to start

• Keeping the Doors of Learning Open - CoL

Resources for online teaching produced by the Commonwealth of Learning 

• Advice for Newly Remote Instructors

EdSurge podcast and quick primer for those new to remote online teaching 

• How to Be a Better Online Teacher

An advice guide by The Chronicle of Higher Education on how to be a better online teacher 

• CILT Teaching Online Portal

Comprehensive resource on course design and online teaching available from University of Capetown

 Prepare to Move Online (in a Hurry)

Useful commentary on continuity plans in article in Inside Higher Ed

• EdSurge Live / Future Trends Forum

Opportunity to join a series of live conversations facilitated by leading U.S.-based educators 

Teach Online Toolkit

A resource produced by ViitalSource with useful lessons for teaching online

• Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption

Free resource from two specialists at Stanford University available for remixing to suit your own context

• Online Learning: Some Notes for Going Online Midsemester

Short Educause piece with tips on moving online during the middle of a semester

• How to Find Your Way Around the World of Online Learning

Interesting post on designing for online learning using the metaphor of a city

If I Wanted to Teach I Wouldn't Start Here

Blog post by Sharon Flynn with some useful tips, links and resources 

Ton of Tools and 10 Things to do if You're New to Online Learning

Useful blog post from Donald Clark with 10 suggestions for those new to online teaching

When the VLE Becomes Your Campus

Blog post with useful suggestions from the UK Association for Learning Technology  

Teaching Online

An Australian resource for schools and universities containing a series of short videos 

4 Common Challenges Facing Online Learners and How to Overcome Them

A resource produced by Purdue Global with useful tips and suggestions 

Tips for Effective Teaching if you have to Teach at a Distance

10 useful tips for teaching at a distance from Paul Kirschner

Fast Switch to eLearning Video Series

 A series of video clips produced by Virna Rossi at Ravensbourne University London

• What does an Online Lecture look like?

A useful infographic from GMIT explaining the dimensions of a good online lecture 

BEFORE: Preparing Your First Live Virtual Class

This is a personal account from Professor Theo Lynn of his efforts to prepare for a live virtual class 

5.3 Taking Your Online Teaching Further

• Ask An Expert About Teaching Online

A service being offered by Contact North where you can ask an expert your questions about teaching online

Step by Step Guide to Designing an Online Course

A comprehensive guide produced by the Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence 

Learning to Teach Online

A series of brief videos from the University of New South Wales exploring various ways of learning how to teach online

Ideas for Teaching Online

A series of videos from Open SUNY with creative ways of teaching online in different subjects

Building Community Activities 

A suite of excellent ideas and examples of how to build a sense of community when teaching online. 

Teaching with Online Role Play

A resource with a number of guides on the use of online role play through discussion fora

22 Ideas to Try in Your Online Course

A video where experienced online educators from Open SUNY share a number of creative examples

• Technology Tools for Teaching in Higher Education, The Practical Handbook Series

A recently published free online book exploring a variety of technologies for teaching, learning and assessment

Research-based Tips for Using Video in Online Courses

A short summary of how to make effective use of video for online teaching

Video Formats: An Inspriational Guide

A guide to producing educational video from TU Delft

• A Taxonomy of Asynchronous Instructional Video Styles 

A brief article outling a range of different ways of using video for online teaching

How to Film on a Mobile Device

One of a suite of useful videos on making videos for teaching purposes from the University of Edinburgh

Making Intentional Use of Open Educational Resources

A video talking about the benefits of using OER by Open SUNY

Typology of Free Web-based Learning Technologies

An Educause article with links to a full range of openly available online tools and platforms 

Moving Your Lab Online

A comprehensive resource with ideas and resources for the use of virtual labs

• Online Resources for Science Laboratories

A shared Google doc with around 200 links and resources for online Science labs

5.4 Alternative Assessment Resources

• DCU Key Principles to Inform and Further Develop Alternative Assessment 

Key principles informing alternative assessment decisions at DCU 

QQI Guiding Principles for Alternative Assessments

A set of guiding principles developed in Ireland by Quality and Qualifications Ireland

• Advice for Choosing Alternative Assessments

Advice guide for DCU staff in making decisions about alternative assessments developed by TEU / CARPE

• 10 Points to Consider in Choosing Alternative Assessment Methods for the Online Environment 

A useful resource published by the Irish National Forum for the Enhancement for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Selecting Online Alternatives to Common Assessment Methods

A useful resource published by the Irish National Forum for the Enhancement for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

• 10 Ways to Ensure Online Assessment is Accessible and Inclusive

Another resource from the Irish National Forum aimed at supporting assessment choices 

The Hitch-hiker's Guide to Alternative Assessments

A comprehensive resource on different types of alternative assessment by Damian Gordon

Exemplars and Case Studies of Technology-enhanced Assessment

A shared Google doc produced by a team in the NIDL at DCU 

Alternatives to Traditional Exams and Papers

Resources from Indiana University Bloomington listing many alternative assessment options

Tacit Quick Guides: Alternative to Traditional Exams

Guide produced by Teaching and Learning Unit at Cork Institute of Technology

Assessment Alternatives at a Time of University Closures

A downloadable document produced by Sally Brown and Kay Sambell in response to the current cituation

Guidance for Designing Alternative Assessment Methods

A useful resource produced by University College Dublin containing some core principles to consider when designing alternative assessment 

Remote Assessment

A webinar and suite of online resources produced by Kay Sambell and Sally Brown

Colleges go Pass/Fail to Address Coronavirus

A brief CNN feature on how US universities are responding to the assessment challenge

Pass/Fail Nation

A short piece in Inside Higher Ed on the issue of pass/fail alternative assessments

• Expert Advice Information Sheets

A series of useful Information Sheets prioduced by the the Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

Designing Alternative Assessments Student Authentication

Preventation of Contract Cheating

Some Thoughts on Cheating

A video offering some suggestions on avoiding cheating in online assessment

Academic Integrity in Online Assessment 

A reosurce on academic integrity produced by the Irish Universities Association 

Academic Integrity, Assessment Security and Digital Assessment 

An evidence-based resource on AI produced by CRADLE at Deakin University in Australia

• Crisis-driven Online Exam Shift Chance to Boost Academic Integrity

A piece in the Times Higher Education about the move to online examinations

Expert Advice on Designing Alternative Assessments for Online Delivery

Useful Info Sheet pri=oduced by the the Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

Effective Feedback in Digital Learning Environments

A resource produced by Tracii Ryna at the University of Melbourne 

Contract Cheating and Assessment Design Framework

A suite of very useful research-based resources related to cheating and academic integrity

Centre for Assessment Research, Policy and Practice in Education

The team in CARPE is avialble to provide consultancy advice and share relevant resources 

5.5 Guides to Supporting Online Learners

A Digital Edge: Essentials for the Online Learner

A free online course developed by a team in the NIDL at DCU in partnership with the DCU Students' Union and Irish Universities Association. 

Student Guide to Online Learning

A very useful crowdsourced resource for learners produced by FutureLearn

Learning to Learn Online

A free online course to help learners how to learn online - Starts March 20th

10 Points to Remember When Learning Online

A resource prepared by the Irish National Forum for learners 

• 10 Tips to Support Students in a Stressful Shift to Online Learning

A brief article in The Chronicle of Higher Education 

12 Tips for Online Learners

A student resource guide produced by J=Kajabi

• Tips from the Coalface: Supporting Online Students

Short video with tips on how to support online student success

The Most Productive Way to Schedule Your Day

A resource developed by Syracuse University to help students organise their study in a productive way. 

• The Online Student - Student Perspective

Blog post from Martin Weller with useful links and suggestions from a student perspective

Resources to Help Learners Learn Online

A collection of links to useful resources for learning online

• Student Guide to Online Learning 

A student guide produced some years ago arisinf from a research project led by Massey University

• The COVID-19 Online Picot: The Student Perspective

Useful blog post with links to resources for being an effective online learner

How to Study Effectively: 12 Tricks to Save Time Studying 

A series of tips and suggestions for more effective [online] study

Jisc Student Wellbeing

Useful guide for institutions on how to support student wellbeing

Online in a Hurry - Being a Good Student

Episode 9 of the online in a hurry series by Dave Cormier

• How to Become an Online Learner

An EdX course for learners offered by Kiron

Study Tips for Me

A wall of study tips from online students for other online learners as part of the Student Success Toolbox project

Tips for Successful Online Learning 

A list of tips for online students from EdX

• Student Toolkit to Help you Tackle Remote Learning Written by Students for Students

Written for students by students to highlight free collaboration tools available to support remote learning

How to Adjust Your Study Habits While Learning Remotely During the Coronavirus

A resource guide produced by the University Houston to support students 

• What Students Want Colleges to Know About COVID-19 Shutdowns

An Edsurge live forum where students share what they want from colleges

• What (Some) Students Are Saying about the Switch to Remote Teaching

Educause article reporting 6 lessons from the experience of students

• A Remote Learning Guide written by Students for Students

Second post written for students by students by final year students at Sheffield Hallam University to support online learning

Supporting Student Wellbeing

A guide produced for regional and remote Australian learners

5 Tips to Help you Stay Motivated with Online Study

Tips offered by Professors Blake McKimmie and Jason Lodge from Queensland University

Learning to Learn Online

A free online book produced by Kwantlen Polytechnic University 

Learning to Learn Online

A copy of the above free online book aimed at online students in a different format

Time Management Tips for Busy College Students

A resource of tips for students produced bu Purdue Global

Learning Online: The Student Experience

Online book by George Veletsianos providing case studies of the learner experience

• Who Can I Ask?

An online tool designed for students to know who they can reach out to for help and study support

FL Course

5.6 Online Courses, Webinars and Events

5.6.1 Online Courses

• How To Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students

Free FutureLearn course supported by DCU providing a social learning space to help meet educators' needs - Started March 23rd

• OpenTeach Free Online Course on Online Teaching 

Free online course offered by the #OpenTeach team at DCU as part of a National Forum funded project -  Started 23rd March 

• Pivoting to Online Teaching: Research and Practitioner Perspectives 

Free EdX course co-ordinated by Professor George Siemens with a number of weekly international guests - Started 18th March

Pivoting Online Course Video Channel 

The dedicated video channel for the above EdX course with a selection of useful discussions in the table below 

Week 0 Planning and Design Selecting Technologies Fostering Interaction
Week 1 Overview Justin Reich Marti Cleveland-Innes
Week 2 Maha Bail Harriet Watkins Laura Czerniewicz
Week 3 Dragan Gasevic Bonnie Stewart Pranesh Aswath
Week 4 Dave Cormier Sasha Poquet Abelardo Pardo
Week 5 Stephen Downes Vitomir Kovanovic Martin Weller
Week 5 Shane Dawson Kate Bowls Dave Cormier

• Interested in Teaching Online?

A well designed free self-directed online course offered by Open SUNY

Online Teaching Programme

A self-paced course from UBC providing a series of modules for educators online how to teach online 

Online Instructor - LX Pathways

A suite of six very useful self-paced online courses exploring the Community of Inquiry Framework

• Developing Online Courses

A self-directed online course from the University of Calgary on how to design an online module

• Get Interactive: Practical Teaching with Technology

A free course from the University of London and Bloomsbury Learning Exchange on the Coursera platform - Starts 22nd March

Technology Enhanced Learning For You

A collection of free micro-learning courses develop by an Irish group designed to help busy educators 

Teach Your Class Online: The Essentials

An online course developed and managed by Standfford University Center for Continuing Education 

Designing Digitally 

A self-directed online course from the University of Durham on how to design to take full advantage of digital tools and resources 

• Learning to Teach Online

Free 6-week course on the Coursera platform designed by the University of New South Wales, Australia

• Take Your Teaching Online

Free online course on online teaching available through OpenLearn by UK Open University 

• Epigeum - Moving to Online Teaching 

Epigeum has made access available to four normally restricted self-directed online courses:

- Teaching Online University Teaching: Core Skills, Planning and Preparing Learning Activities
- Blended Learning University Teaching: Core Skills, Addressing Barriers to Student Success

• Getting Started with Online Learning for Students

A free self-directed online course produced as part of the All Aboard project 

Master the Basics of OER and Creative Commons in the Digital Age

A micro course being offered by the OERu in partnership with ICDE and the Commonwealth of Learning - starts 6th May

• A suite of three free online courses from Steve Wheeler

- Supporting Online Learners - Personal Learning Environments - Digital Literacies
- Integrating Technology - Digital Identity  

• Moodle for Teachers

A free course available through eCollege supported by Solas

• Learn Moodle Basics

This free course is designed for anybody who wants to use the Moodle learning platform for teaching, whether it be in a school, a university

• Rapid Transition to Online Learning

This course claims to provide an emergency roadmap for a rapid transition to remote learning during forced school closures

• Teaching Online for Primary and Post Primary Teachers

A special online course created specifically to support teachers in Irish schools that have been closed because of COVID-19

Blended Learning Practice

A MOOC being offered by Athabasca University with support from the Commonwealth of Learning - starts 19th April 

Making Blended Learning Work

A MOOC on the FutureLearn platform exploring the Maturity Model arising from the EMBED project - starts 11th May

5.6.2 Webinars

This section starts with a number of webinar series and then lists specific webinars by month. The first link takes you to a webinar on how to design and facilitate effective webinars. 

How to Conductive Effective Webinars

A useful resource developed by the Commonwealth of Learning

• Webinar Series on the Silver Lining for Learning

A webinar series featuring Dr. Chris Dede, Dr. Curtis Bonk, Dr. Shuangye Chen, Dr. Scott McLeod, Dr. Punya Mishra, and Dr. Yong Zhao

Silver Lining for Learning Episode 1  Silver Lining for Learning Episode 2 Silver Lining for Learning Episode 3
Silver Lining for Learning Episode 4 - Silver Lining for Learning Episode 5 - Silver Lining for Learning Episode 6
- Siliver Lining for Learning Episode 7 - Siliver Lining for Learning Episode 8 - Siliver Lining for Learning Episode 9
Siliver Lining for Learning Episode 10 Siliver Lining for Learning Episode 11 Siliver Lining for Learning Episode 12
- Silver Lining for Learning Episode 13 - Silver Lining for Learning Episode 14 - Silver Lining for Learning Episode 15
- Silver Lining for Learning Episode 16 - Silver Lining for Learning Episode 17 - Silver Lining for Learning Episode 18
- Silver Lining for Learning Episode 19    

• Keeping Students Engaged Online

Useful recording of webinar from the Online Learning Consortium in the United States 


• EDEN Webinar Series - Education in Time of a Pandemic 

A regular Covid-19 webinar series being offered by EDEN each Monday at 17:00 (CEST). Recordings available from these links. 

How to Start Teaching Online - March 30th When Education Moves Home - April 6th Response to the Most Pressing Issues and Questiions - 14th April
How to Manage Assessments for Online Learning - 20 Aprill Student Evaluation for Covid-19 - April 22nd How to Engage and Support Students Online - 27th April
ODL Unplugged: A Question of Care - 29th April  Face to Face at a Distance - 4th May  How to Manage the Onslaugt of Information - 11th May 
Practical Tips for Learning Design - 18th May Use of OER and OEP - 26th May Designing Online Courses for Digital Skills - 27th May
How do we Plan for Education after the Pandemic? - 2nd June Developing 21st Century Skills - 8th June

• Weathering the Storm: Higher Education, Crisis, and Technology-Enhanced Learning

A webinar recording offer by ASCILITE, March 25th 

• Teaching in the Digital Age - Tony Bates 

A series of five webinars by Tony Bates hosted by Contact North

Leveraging Online Learning Deciding on the Right Mix Choosing Technology to Make a Difference
- Immersive Technologies  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Learning Analytics

• Who's Zoomin Who?

A series of online interviews where Ken McCarthy talks with Irish educators

Episode 1: Tom Farrelly Episode 2: Colum Dunphy Episode 3: Orna Farrell Episode 4: Sharon Flynn
Episode 5: Marie O'Neill Episode 6: Oisin Hassan Episode 7: Catherine Cronin Episode 8: Gearóid Ó Súilleabháin
Episode 9: Brian Mulligan Episode 10: Carina Ginty Episode 11: Tom O'Mara Episode 12: Eamon Costello
Episode 13: Lorraine Gallagher & Trevor Boland Episode 14: Mark Brown    

• 12 Shortish Videos on Teaching in the Digital Age 

A selection of webcasts by Tony Bates produced at the request of the Commonwealth of Learning with many more webinars on a range of topics available from their YouTube channel

• Skills needed in a digital age • Online learning and teaching methods • Implementing online learning
• Understanding the learners • Theories of learning • Learner support 
• Choosing media • Assessment strategies • Quality 
• Trends on open learning  • Massive Open Online Courses  • Emerging technologies 

• Online Learning in a Hurry

A series of short videos produced by Dave Cormier

Episode 0 Getting Started Episode 2 Teacher Workload Episode 3 Sample Resources
Episode 4 Discussion Forums Episode 5 Don't Cover the Content Episode 6 Live Facilitation
Episode 7 What Is Assessment For? Episode 8 Web-based Curriculum Episode 9 Being a Good Student
Episode 10 Accessibility Episode 11 You Can't Teach that Online Episode 12 Teacher Presence Online
Episode 13 When Things Goes Bad Episode 14 The Student Reality Episode 15 Staying Organised Online

• Online Learning in a Hurry - Guest Series

A series of short guest webinars moderated by Dave Cormier

Guest Episode 1: Terry Greene Guest Episode 2 :  Lee Skallerup Bessette Guest Episode 3: Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh
Guest Episode 4: Autumm Caines Guest Episode 5: Rolin Moe Guest Episode 6: Alec Couros
Guest Episode 7 - Aras Bozkurt  - Guest Episode 8: Maha Bali - Guest Episode 9: Angela Gunder
- Guest Episode 10 - Laura Gibbs - Guest Episode 11: R. DeRosa & M Burtus - Guest Episode 12 - Sundi Richard
- Guest Episode 13 - Carla Arena - Guest Episode 14 - Martin Weller - Guest Episode 15 - Sarah Rose Cavanagh

• Leaders and Leends of Online Learning

A podcast series where Mark Nichols interviews around 50 leaders working in the area of online learning

March 2020

• Open Webinar for Sector with EADTU - 12 noon (GMT), Monday 16th March View Slides 

Open webinar for educators offered in partnership with European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

April 2020

EMPOWER Blended and Online Education Webinar Week

Looking Deeper into Blended and Online education - 7th April Good Practices in Blended and Online Education Part 1 - 8th April Good Practices in Blended and Online Education Part 2 - 9th April

• How we run an Online Conference: ALT Shares Expertise 

ALT has considerable expertise in managing and hosting online conferences and share their expertise - 9th April 

EdTech Using Technology to Deliver Lessons in a Crisis

A webinar on using technology with a panel from the South-East Asia region 

Solar Spotlight Conversations on Learning Analytics

A series of podcasts discussing the role, impact and future of learning analytics 

European Educational Policy Reactions for TEL due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

A online panel session organised by EATEL - 17th April, 5:00pm (CEST)

MoodleMunch Webinar Series

A lunchtime webinar series over April, May and June led by DCU and supported by the National Forum

- Moodle Reports - 21st April 

Being an Open Education Advoate 

Part of the "Kiron Talks webinar series - 23rd April 

DigitalEd Webinar Series

An Irish webinar series from GMIT from 27th April to 11th May on a range of topics

• Moving Inclusively To Online Assessment and Teaching

A webinar from AHEAD with a strong accessibility focus - 22nd April

• Microlearning in the Digital Age: The Design and Delivery of Learning in Snippets

Commonwealth of Learning webinar with a panel discussion on new models of microlearning - 7:00pm (PT) 18th April 

EADTU Coronavirus Support Webinar

Three talks as part of this webinar on topics of motivation, balance of delivery models and the online educator - 10:30am (CEST) 21st April

• Universal Design for Learning to Support Remote Learning

Educause webinar with a panel talking about UDL in the context of Covid-19 - 1:00pm (ET) 21st April 

Running an Online Conference: Insights from LAK20

Webinar sharing lessons from the LAK20 online conference - 5:00pm (CET) 27th April 

Embedding Data Use for Supporting Students 

Hosted by the Irish National Forum with a panel of guest contributors - 12:30pm (IST) 28th April

• Detecting and Addressing Contract Cheating in Online Assessment 

A webinar drawing on Australian research in this area s part of the Transforming Assessment Series - 8:00am (IST) 29th April 

Authentic Online Oral Assessment: An Examination Replacement

A webinar from Australia as part of the Transforming Assessment Series - 8:00am (IST) 30th April 

• Supporting and Sustaining a Community of On-line Practice in Higher Education

Webinar by HERDSA on theme of enabling online education: access, engagement and innovation in digital spaces - 1:00pm (AEST) 30th April

Supporting the Syllabus: How to Lead the Shift to Online Classrooms, Fast

Webinar offered in preparation for the OEB conference later in the year - 2:00pm (CEST) 30th April

• Meet the Education Researcher

A series of podcast interviews by Neil Selywn from Monash University

Post-Digital education (Sian Bayne) Thinking differently about e-learning and online teaching (Jeremy Knox)

May 2020

• EDEN Webinar Series - Education in Time of a Pandemic 

A regular Covid-19 webinar series being offered by EDEN each Monday at 17:00 (CEST). Recordings available from these links. 

Face to Face at a Distance - 4th May  How to Manage the Onslaugt of Information - 11th May Practical Tips for Learning Design - 18th May
Use of OER and OEP - 26th May Designing Online Courses for Digital Skills - 27th May  

• The Next Five Years: Future Directions for Online Learning

A webinar by Tony Bates hosted by Penn State's American Centre for the Study of Distance Education - 3:00pm (EST) 5th May

• UniSA’s Teaching Innovation Teaching & Learning Breakfast Series 

A webinar featuring Simon McIntyre (UNSW) and Negin Mirriahi talking about strategies for excellence in online teaching - 8:00am (ACST) 6th May

Beyond a Bailout: Creating a Sustainable Business Model in Response to COVID-19

Three webinars requiring registration offered by Educause that explore business models looking to the future

- Part 1: May 6 | 1:00 p.m. ET - Part 2: May 13 | 1:00 p.m. ET - Part 3: May 20 | 1:00 p.m. ET

• Open Education Resilience in Crisis and Beyond

Panel discusses how open education has made campuses more resilient and continues to help with student equity - 12:00pm (PDT) 6th May

Re-engineering Higher Education Following Covid-19

A panel discussion with university leaders who are leading through transformational times - 2:00 (GMT) 7th May 

• MoodleMunch Webinar Series

A lunchtime webinar series over April, May and June led by DCU and supported by the National Forum 

- Recording of Tuesday 12th May

•  Leadership during the time of COVID19

A Commonwealth of Learning webinar featuring Prof. Belinda Tynan, RMIT University in Australia - 9:30am (AEST) 26th May

Reimagining the Borderless University

Part of the "Kiron Talks" webinar series - 7th May

ABC Learning Design Framework Online

The first of a webinar series exploring the potential of the ABC LD Framework - 27th May

Jumping Online: What Have we Learned?

A webinar from the Centre for Distance Learning at the University of London - 13:00 (GMT) 28th May 

Creating and Sharimg Open Educational Resources

A webinar hosted by the Irish National Forum - 28th May

Defining Digital Ethics when Using ePortfolios

A webinar series asking "what does this mean, what does it look like, especially when it is working well?" - 9:30am (AEST) 28th May

June 2020

• MoodleMunch Webinar Series

A lunchtime webinar series over April, May and June led by DCU and supported by the National Forum 

Webinar 3 Recording: Tuesday 2nd June Webinar 4 Recording: Tuesday 23rd June

Rethinking Learning in an Online World: A Student Perspective

A webinar offering a student perspective offered by the University of Surrey - 9:00am (UK) Wed 3rd June

• EDEN Webinar Series - Education in Time of a Pandemic 

A regular Covid-19 webinar series being offered by EDEN each Monday at 17:00 (CEST). Recordings available from these links. 

How do we Plan for Education after the Pandemic? - 2nd June Developing 21st Century Skills - 8th June MicroHE Expert Panel Workshop - 10th June
- Accessibility and Inclusion in a Time of Pandemic - 10th June    

Fillbuster 8: Mark Brown on Covid-19 and the Future of Digital Learning 

An interview with Professor Mark Brown, NIDL Director as part of the Fillbuster series - 4th June

• The Kiron Talks Webinar Series

Hackathons as a Lever for Digital Litercy - 4th June Educational Challenges and Change Under Covid-19 - 11th June  

• What does it mean to be an Online Educator?

A webinar as part of the CRADLE series from Deakin University - 2:00pm (AET) Tuesday 9th June 

Eportfolio Ireland Webinar

A webinar with links to related slides and resources hosted by ePortfolio Ireland - 10th June 

ICDE Quality Network Webinar Series 

First webinar in the webinar series showcasing the ICDE Quality Network - 10:00am (CEST) 11th June

Beyond the Technology: University of Highlands and Islands Responding to Covid-19

Professor Keith Symth talks to JISC about how the University responded to the Covid-19 crisis

• Fears, Hopes and Reimaginings: Learning and Teaching Within, Through and Beyond the Pandemic

Professor Keith Symth talks about the future of education as part of a virtual #SOLSTICE2020 presentation

ABC to VLE: Designs to Implementation

The second in this webinar series exploring the ABC Learning Design Framework - 12:00 noon (IST) 12th June

ODLAA Webinar on Open Educational Practices 

A webinar with panel discussion to launch latest special issue of Distance Education - 8:00am (AEST), 16th June

EMPOWER Artificial Intelligence Webinar Week

Three webinars hosted by EADTU exploring the role and impact of AI on higher education

Tuesday 16th June - Recording Wednesday 17th June - 14:00 CEST Thursday 18th June - 14:00 CEST

Policy Apporaches to Digital Transforation and Institutional Responses

Part of the HEInnovate webinar series - 6:00pm (CEST) 18th June

How Remote Learning Methods are Supporting Online Students at Deakin University

A webinar hosted by Turnitin interviewing Prof. Liz Johnson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) - 23rd June 

Jumping Online: Sustaining Quality Learning 

A webinar hosted by the University of London featuring several high profile speakers - 11:30am (BST) 23rd June 

The Future of Social, Creative and Experiemential Digital Learning

A webinar hosted by the University of London - 3:00pm (BST) 23rd June 

• Digital Technologies to Advance Global Citizenship Education in Schools 

A webinar offered by colleagues in the DCU Institute of Education - 12:30 (IST) 23rd June 

• Planning for Effective Remote Teaching During Covid-19

A webinar as part of a series offered by IUA as part of the Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning Project - 12:30pm (IIST) 24th June

Contact North Webinar Series 

Future of Learning Management Systems - 1:00pm EST 9th June

Going Beyond Simple Digitalisation - 11:00am EST 11th June

How to Engage Online Learners in Authentic Assessment - 1:00pm EST 16th June

How to Teach Online Effectively Using Zoom -  10:15am EST 16th June

How to Keep Zoom Classes Secure and Private - 11:00am EST 25th June

How to Motivate and Retain Online Learners - 10:15am EST 29th June

• Planning the New Normal: How has the Pandemic Changed Higher Education?

Part of a webinar panel discussion series offered by CLICKS - 2:00pm 29th June

July 2020

Creating Trust and Learning Community Relationships in Online Learning 

Presentation being offered by Dr. Petrea Redmond as part of the ASCILITE webinar series - 10:30am AEST 1st July

• Measuring the Impact of Emergency Online Teaching on the Quality of Education

Part of a webinar panel discussion series offered by CLICKS - 2:00pm 6th July

Social Justice, Inclusive Design and Open Educational Practices

Webinar facilitated by a panel involved in te Australian Open Textbook Project - 3:30pm (AEST) 9th July 

Wha do we mean with Learning Engineering & Technology-enhanced Learning?

An EATEL webinar with a dlalogue between Jim Goodell and Mikhall Fominykh - 2:00pm (CET) 9th July

Making Online Learning Connect with your Students

Part of HERDSA webinar series looking at what we have learnt about connecting with learners - 1:00pm (AEST) 9th July

Online Teaching During Student Protests and Campus Shutdowns

A webinar hosted by Lancaster University featuring Prof. Laura Czerniewicz - 13th July 

Transforming Assessment 

Webinar as part of the Transforming Assessment series featuring Rob Lowen and Suzanne Stone from DCU - 8:00 (IST) 15th July

Pedagogy and Pancakes

A webinar series sharing teaching and learning practices over breakfast gatherings - 15th July

Building Resilience for the Future

An EdTech webinar in partnership with D2L - 3:45pm (AEST) 16th July 

• CCT Excellence in Teaching Series - Pedagogy First: Concept and Practice

A webinar recording where Sharon Flynn (IUA) and Rob Lowney (DCU) will explore the concept of 'pedagogy first' in blended learning - 12:00 noon (IST) 17th July

International Perspectives on Teaching Online 

An IUA webinar involving Jesse Stommel, Maha Bali, and Sukaina Walji talking about digital pedagogy - 4:00pm (IST) 27th July

The PIE Webinar - Exploring Online Assessments and Tech's Role in Evolving Education Delivery

A webinar providing a Catelyst, DCU and Jisc perspective on the theme of online assessments - 28th July 

• Pedagogy and Pancakes

A webinar series sharing teaching and learning practices over breakfast gatherings - 28th July


Europass: Take the Next Step

A webinar from the European Commission describing the new Europass digital credentials infrastructure - 1:00pm (IST) 29th July

August 2020 and Beyond

• CRADLE Seminar Series: Feedback in Online Learning - 10th August

Pedagogy and Pancakes Webinar Series - UK time

9:00am 12th August 9:00am 27th August 9:00am 9th September
9:00am 22nd September 9:00am 8th October  

5.6.3 Events and Conferences

• Online Learning Summit - Growing Your University Online 

View recordings of this one-day virtual event hosted by the University of Derby focusing online routes to student success - 31st March

• Studiosity Student Success Symposium 

A two-day online event exploring issues around supporting student success through online solutions - April 1 & April 2

SITE Conference

Access to keynotes from the Society for Information and Technology in Teacher Education conference - 29th March

• OER20 Conference Presentations

Recordings of presentations at the online version of the OER20 conference - 1st & 2nd April

GSV Virtual Summit

A major online event with three channels supported by Arizona State University - April 8th

• Thriving Through and Beyond COVID-19

A free Openspace online event aimed to bring together educators worldwide to share and innovate - 11th April


• Gasta Goes Global 

This event aims to offer an engaging and lively exchange to think about the future of (Online) Education - Tuesday 14th April

WISE Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined Virtual Convening

A two-day virtual event hosted by WISE & Salzburg Global Seminar - 15-16 April 

- Session 1: Day 1 - Session 2: Day 1  
- Session 1: Day 2 - Session 2: Day 2 - Special Session: Agency Response

International Association for Blended Learning Online Conference

This 24 hour online event is being hosted by the IABL - Starts 14:00 (GMT) 22nd April

• EADTU Online Summit - Digital Transformation and Innovation in Education

A free online event exploring the role of new digital technologies for teaching and learning - 30th April

May 2020

Launch of Irish National INDEx Survey

Launch event hosted by the National Forum for the results of the national INDEx Survey - 11:00am Thursday 7th May

No Buildings from September: What on Earth do we do about the Learning Experience?

Online conference hosted by Aula and Wonkhe for Vice-Chancellors, students and everyone in between - 9:00am to 5:15pm 7th May

JIME Launch: Open Education and Social Justice

Launch of special issue of JIME with a focus on Social Justice - 3:00pm (AEST) 13th May

Networked Learning Conference 

This well known research conference is free of charge - 18th to 20th May

Keynote 1: Dr Ben Williamson  Keynote 2: Professor Lesley Gourlay

June 2020

• Pedagogy for Higher Education Large Classes

 An online pre-conference Special Interest Group symposium prior to HEA conference - 2nd June

• Higher Education Advance Conference

This online conference is an excellent forum to exchange ideas, experiences, opinions and research - 2nd to 5th June

Blended Learning, Teaching and Assessment and Gasta

An online event hosted by DKIT - 10:00sm to 12:00 noon 15th June

OLC Innovate Conference

Annual OLC conference is now a virtual event - 15th to 26th June

- Interview with Prof. Martin Weller

- Interview with Prof. Maha Bali

Internatiomal Conference: The Future of Education

The annual conference has now moved to being a virtual event - 18th to 19th June

• EDEN Online Conference

The annual EDEN conference is now an online event - 21st to 24th June

Day 1: Opening Plenary Day 1: Afternoon Plenary Day 2: Morning Plenary
Day 2: MicroHE Session A Day 2: MicroHE Session B Day 2: MicroHE Session C
Day 3: Morning Plenary Day 3: Closing Ceremony  

MicroHE Conference

This event on the development of micro-credentials is linked to the above EDEN conference - 23rd June

EdMedia + Innovate Learning Conference

This annual conference previously scheduled for Amsterdam is now online - 23rd to 26th June

WISE Education Disrupted, Education Reimagined

The second iteration of this online event hosted by WISE - 23rd to 25th June

The eAssessment Question Virtual Conference 

A virtual conference spread over 2-weeks exploring the potential of eAssessment - 23rd June to 9th July 

FutureLearn Festival of Learning 

A week long event of webinars hosted by FutureLearn - 22nd to 26th June 

All Day, All Night Education Conference

A 24 hour online conference for the Education sector - Thursday 26th June 

 International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning 

This annual conference is now a virtual event - 29th to 30th June

• What if our Education System Changed for Good in Light of Covid-19? 

A three-part debate series hosted by the UCL Institute of Education

Part 1: 18th June Part 2: 25th June Part 3: 2nd July 

July 2020

Beyond the Conference Walls: Exploring the Power of Virtual Experiences

A two-day online event on how to host virtual events and conferences - 1st & 2nd July 

UK & Ireland Mahara Virtual Hui 

A one-day event related to the use of the Mahara eportfolio platform in education - 15th July

MoodeMoot Global Online

A global online version of MoodleMoot spread over several days - 6th to 10th July

Online International Doctoral Research Conference in Education

This conference targets postgraduate research students around the world working in the field of educational research - 8th July

REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit 

An online event hosted by Arizona State University, DCU's US partner - 13-14th July

Learning Leaders Conference

The conference theme is The Leader’s Challenge: Dilemmas in Strategic Decision Making - 23rd July

Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020

This one-week virtual event hosted by the University of Colorado Denver will use a combination of platforms - 26th July to 2nd August

Education Summit 20 

A free 3-day online event hosted by the Online Learning Consortium - 29th to 31st July

August 2020

Learning@Scale Conference

This conference investigates large-scale, technology-mediated learning environments - 12th to 14th August

• International E-Symposium: Remote Teaching for Student Wellness

A two-day online event hosted by UBC focussing on student wellbeing in a remote teaching context - 18th & 19th August

European Educational Research Association - Reconnecting EERA

A virtual reconnecting event over one week hosted by EERA - 23rd to 28th August

ALT Summer Summit

An online summit offered by the UK Association for Learning Technology - 26th - 27th August

Later in 2020

• Educational Technology and Education Conference List 

Major list of forthcoming conferences through to December 2020

ESAI Conference

The Educational Studies Association of Ireland Annual Conference - 3rd to 5th September

EC TEL Conference

This annual European Conference of the TEL Association in now online - 14th to 18th September

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week

A week of online events promoting the accessiblity and potential of mobile learning - 12th to 15th October

• University Assessment, Learning and Teaching: New Research Directions for a Postdigital World

CRADLE at Deakin University is hosting this online conference with a focus on Assessment in the postdigital world - 19th to 20th October

European Distance Learning Week

A week of online events hosted by EDEN to celebrate and promote the potential of distance learning - 1st week of November

Open Education Global

This annual conference is now going to be held online - 16th to 20th November

ASCILITE Conference

The annual ASCILITE conference will now take place as a virtual event - 30th November to 1st December

The Reimagine Education Conference

Virtual conference hosted by QS and part of the Reimagination Education Awards - 1st to 8th December

5.7 Research Reports Relevant to Covid-19 Experience

Relevant AERA Journal Articles 

A collection of journal articles on the field of online distance education with just two seminal publications listed below

How Does Distance Education Compare With Classroom Instruction? A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Literature  How Does Distance Education Compare With Classroom Instruction? A Meta-Analysis of the Empirical Literature

Preparing for the Digital University

A review of the history and current state of distance, blended, and online learning published in 2015 by George Siemens and colleagues

• COVID-19 Higher Education Literature Database

A database of manuscripts published in academic and professional journals over 2020

• Disruption in and by Centres for Teaching and Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Leading the Future of Higher Ed

A report on the role of centres for teaching and learning with the link taking you initially to Tony Bates comments

• First Data on the Shift to Emergency Online Learning 

A blog post from Tony Bates reporting on the results of a US survey as well as Canadian experience

• Crashing into Online Learning: A Report from Five Continents

A blog post in which Tony Bates share reports across five continemts and his conclusions

New Research to Examine the Potential Impact of Remote Learning

A suite of five reports commissioned by the Australian Government on the remote learning experience

Demand for Online Studies Skyrockets but here are Students' Biggest Concerns

Results of a survey of over 7,400 international students on their online learning experience

New Udemy Report Shoes Surge in Gloabl Online Education in Response to COVID-19

An interesting report from Udemy showing a significant increase in demand for online education 

Covid-19 Learning from Home Student Survey

An Irish report published by AHEAD on the experience of students with a strong focus on accessibility 

• Report to Commonwealth Education Ministers: from Response to Resilience

A report from the CoL on how a number of Commonwealth countries have responded to Covid-19

We've Surveyed 82 School Districts that Lauched Remote Learning Amid the Pandemic

Results of a US based survey by the Center for Reinvesting Public Education

• A Global Outlook to the Interruption of Education due to COVID-19 Pandemic

An article in the Asian Journal of Distance Education reporting over 30 country case studies 

• Teaching, Technology and Teacher Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stories from the Field

A comprehensive online book produced by ACCE with chapters from around the world focusing on teacher education

Pupil Engagement in Remote Learning 

A UK report sharing school responses to Covid-19

The Expectation Gap: Students' Experiences During Covid-19 and their Expectations for Next Year

A survey conducted by WonkHE and Pearson reporting student expectations

• Reflecting and Learning: The Move to Remote / Online Teaching and Learning in Irish Higher Education

A report published by the National Forum sharing perceptions from different stakeholders

• Overview of Emerging Country-level Response: Best Practice in Pedagogy for Remote Teaching 

A valuable synthesis of the literature on online/distance teaching at the schooling level

US Faculty and Administrators' Experiences and Approaches in the Early Weeks of the COVID-19 Pandemic

A lead article in OLC's Journal of Online Learnng reporting on the US experience

What's Lost, What's Left, What's Next: Lessons Learned from the Lived Experiences of Teachers during Covid-19 Pandemic

A report based on nterviews 40 teachers from across the US in public, charter, and private schools, at different grade levels

How Have Professional Bodies Dealth with Covid-19? 

A UK report based on a survey of professional and regulatory bodies 

• Moving Education Online: 10 Remote Learning Insights from 1,000+ (Irish) Students 

The results from over 1,000 students who engaged in digital focus groups run from April to June 2020

• Research Reports on Covid-19 and Emergency Remote Learning/Online Learning

A snapshot summary by Tony Bates of several already published research reports

Four Phases

5.7 Planning for the New Future of Education

EUA Survey on Digitally Enhanced Learning and Teaching 

A European Universities Association survey aiming to map digitally enhanced learning and teaching at HE institutions

Higher Education Really Needs a Long-term Plan for Virtual Learning

A short article in the Harvard Business Review with a strong Coursera perspective 

University Leaders' Long-term Vision for Technology: A New Apporach to Digital Strategy in the Wake of Covid-19

A commentary piece on the importance of leadership and strategy for universities in the future

The World of Higher Education After Covid-19

A futures paper produced by the Young European Research Universities (YERUN)

• Revised Outlook for Higher Ed's Online Response to COVID-19

Phil Hill presents four phases to the higher education response to COVID-19

Covid-19 What Comes Next?

A short blog piece from Michael Feldstein where he talks about what is likely to come next

Three Paths, Three Scenarios for Higher Education

Blog posy by Bryan Alexander where he share three scenarios for the future of higher educaton

What Should we be Doing About Online Learning when Social Distancing Ends?

Tony Bates presents a short list of planning activitoes that he thinks institutions should be doing


Rapid Response Report

A report from Monash University on the longer-term impacts of the Coronavirus on education  

The Struggle to Save and Remake Public Higher Education

An opinion piece by Prof. Laura Czerniewicz discussing the powerful forces and challenges facing higher education

• Could the Coronavirus Force Positive Change in Higher Education?

An article in the Times Higher Education reflecting on past crisies and looking to the future

Post Covid-19: Building the Better Education System that weve Long Needed

Brief commentary from a US perspective about not wasting a crisis to address some of the problems of education

• Are we all Digital Scholars now? How the Lockdown will Reshape the post-Pandemic Digital Structure of Academia

A blog post by Mark Carrigan reflecting on how the concept of the digital scholar might play out in the future

Two Competing Visions of the Fall of Higher Education, Plus a Ghostly Third

Bryan Alexadder continues more on his scenarios for the future of higher education

Nine Ways to Reimagine Higher Education

An opinion piece in Forbes on the future of higher education

• 10 Predictions for Higher Education’s Future

A short article in InsideHigherEd with US focused predictions

Emergence of the 5th Wave in American Higher Education

A lead piece for a new book by Michael Crow and D. Dabars drawing on the experience of Arizona State University

Transformation and the Long Game in Higher Education

Opinion piece by Phil Ice on planning beyond the current crisis 

Making Sense of Education Online

A conversation between George Siemens and Dave Cormier discussing three scenarios for the future of higher education 

• Flattening the Online Education Curve 

A short blog piece making the case to invest more in those who support teaching and learning

What is Plan B? Not Plan A!

Donaold Clark offers 20 possible outcomes for the post Covid-19 future

• How higher education can overcome the crisis-induced backlash against online education

Brief piece exploring the potential for a backlash and importance of planning from the future

Teaching and Learning After COVID-19

Brief piece asking how will the COVID-19 pandemic alter the future of teaching and learning?

Universities Beyond the Coronavirus Crisis - What Awaits?

An opinion piece by Michael Murphy, President of the European Universities Association

• How a Pandemic Could Change Higher Education

A forum hosted by EduSurge looking at the future of higher education 

The Future of Online Learning 2020

A talk by Stephen Downes on the future of higher education post Covid-19

Could it Also Bring on a Learning Revolution?

Blog post from Learning Design Research where three authors talk about changes for a better future

• Will the Coronavirus Forever Alter the College Experience?

Article in the New York Times thinking about the future of universities

• Switch to Online Teaching can help UK Unlock Global Markets

Interview with former UK Ministers of Education seeing online as a strategic marketing opportunity

• Getting the Next Phase of Remote Learning Right in Higher Education

 Five specific actions universities could take in the next few months to help improve student learning experience 

COVID-19: The Steep Learning Curve for Online Education

Opnion piece on the future of higher education by Dragan Gasevic

• The Problem With 'A National Effort in Online Education'

Opinion piece by Stephen Downes exploring models for the future

There's No Simple Way to Reopen Universities

A story in The Atlanic about the challenges facing universities as they plan to reopen

• The Rise of Online Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic has Education Forever

A piece from the World Economic Forum talking about changes to education in the post Covid-19 era

Covid-19 is the Pivot Point for Online Learning 

An opinion piece by Professor Gilly Salmon exploring the stages ahead of us in rebuilding for the future

• Responding to Scott Galloway’s Pandemic Reflections

A critical response by Bryan Alexander to an earlier post talking about the future

• The Post-Learning Era in Higher Education: Human + Machine

An opinion piece by George Siemens written before the major lockdown began in the US and Europe

'It Will Never be the Same': Coursera CEO on the Imapct of Coronavirus on Education

 Coursera's CEO talks about the longer-term impact of Covid-19 on the education system

What the Shift to Virtual Learning could Mean for the Future of Higher Ed

A piece in the Harvard Business Review reflecting the potential tectonic shift of the current crisis

China to Offer Global Students Online Courses in English

Evidence of a post Covide-19 legacy with this news from the Ministry of Education 

• Lecturers Condemn Durham University's Plan to Shift Degrees Online

A news piece about Durham's plan for move 25% of campus-based courses online

Unequal Access to Learning: A Fall Without Students and Another MOOC Moment?

Brief reflection piece on inequitable way institutions have been able to respond and implications for future

• The Leadership Imperative: Back to the Future after the Corona-19 Pandemic

A commentary piece from Don Olcott on the key role of leadership looking to the future

• Response to COVID-19 - University of the Future Network

A manifesto providing a reflective exchange of ideas for the joint construction of the future of higher education

• The History of the Future

A keynote by Audrey Watters provide a critique and critically reflecting on predictions of the future

• New Pandemic Edtech Power Networks – Code Acts in Education

A critical analysis from Ben Williamson on the poltical economy of the new global Edtech sector

• Higher Ed Needs a Long-Term Plan for Virtual Learning

An opinion piece on the need to develop mature digital learning eco-systems

• Higher Education in the Age of Coronavirus

An article in the Boston Review on the future of higher education

• The Loss of the Lecture? Imagining a post Covid-19 World

An opnion piece from the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London

The Hottest Job in Higher Education: Instructional Designer

A brief opnion piece on the importance of the instructional designer from InsideHigherEd

How do Faculty and Administrators Imagine the Future of Higher Education in Canada?

Results of a Canadian survey shared as part of the Pulse project

How will Higher Education have Changed after COVID-19? 

Attempt to calculate what the economic and higher education landscape will look like after COVID-19

5.8 Continuity Plan Guides and Examples

• Spotlight on Continuity Plans: Renewed Focus on Online Education 

Blog post first published 8th March offering several examples and principles for institutional continuity plans

• Two Successful Approaches to Moving On-campus Courses Online Due to Covid-19

An interesting blog post by Tony Bstes reporting the experience of ASU and SUH

• What we Learnt from “Going Online” During University Shutdowns

Valuable lessons and reflections from Profesosr Laura Czerniewicz on campus shutdowns in South Africa

• Remote Teaching Resources for Business Continuity

Valuable shared Google doc with links to institutional continuity plans from the U.S. and beyond

• Ensuring Continuity of Tearning During Enforced Absence

Institutional guide to help maintain teaching produced by Jisc in the UK 

• OLC Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness

Collection of resources on continuity planning from the US based Online Learning Consortium

• Best Practice in Business Continuity for Higher Education

Report produced by Hanover Research on best practice in continuity planning 

• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 

Useful guide produced by Educause for senior institutional leaders 

• Keep Teaching During Prolonged Campus Closure

Excellent example of institutional website for staff and students from Indiana University

• How to Lead in a Crisis

Disaster advice from the experience of hurricane Katrina

Australia Government Guide for Delivery of Online Education into China

Useful institutional guide for teaching online into China from Australian Government 

UNESCO Handbook on Facilitating Flexible Learning During Educational Disruption

A comprehensive handbook produced by UNESCO drawing on the Chinese experience in the COVID-19 outbreak

5.9 Blogs, News Stories and Opinion Pieces

This section shares a collection of some of the more interesting blogs posts, opinion pieces and news stories over the "Great Onlining of 2020"

• Coronavirus: universities are shifting classes online 

Crisis is making online education economy go mainstream

• Virtual classrooms a possibility as virus spreads

• Why Coronavirus Looks Like a ‘Black Swan’

Coronavirus Prompting E-Learning Strategies 

Many Districts Won't Be Ready for Remote Learning

• Are Colleges Prepared to Move All of Their Classes Online?

Coronavirus Quarntine Could Spark an Online Learning Boom

• Students Are Lonely:’ What Happens When Coronavirus Forces Schools Online

Coronavirus Changes the Conversation About Online Education

• Everybody Ready for the Big Migration to Online College?

• Zoom CEO Eric Yuan Is Giving K-12 Schools His Videoconferencing Tools For Free

• Faculty Readiness to Begin Fully Online Teaching

• How to Make Your Online Pivot Less Brutal

• Coursera is Making its Courses Free to Students

• Online Learning does not Mean Dumbing-down Material

The Pivot to Leading a Remote Academic Team

• Are Colleges Prepared to Move All of Their Classes Online?

Online Learning's Greatest Hits

• The Robustness of Distance Ed

• Remote Presenting: Prep and Fluffy Socks

Moving Online Now - Collection from The Chronicle of Higher Education

• Please do a Bad Job of Putting Your Courses Online

• Online Learning - Doing it Quickly

• Most teaching is going remote. Will that help or hurt online learning?

• 'Panic-gogy': Teaching Online Classes During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus is not a Black Swan

• As the Coronavirus Forces Faculty Online, It’s ‘Like Drinking Out of a Firehose’

• Coronavirus and school: highlighting their value in a time of crisis

• Teaching Remotely While Quarantined in China

• Online schooling and distance ed? Don’t be afraid, we’ve been doing and improving it for 100 years

• When the VLE becomes your campus: some thoughts on engaging learners online

Remote teaching: The glass half-full

• The Greatest and Most Flawed Experiment Ever in Online Learning 

• How Coronavirus Is Going To Change Education Forever

What we Learned in the "MOOC Moment" Matters Right Now

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