Ombudsman Liaison


Welcome to the Ombudsman Liaison section of the University's website.

This section is administered by the Office of the Chief Operations Officer (OCOO) with day-to-day responsibility for its maintenance and contents being the responsibility of the University Ombudsman Liaison Officer. 

This section is intended to assist anyone who wishes to exercise their right to make a complaint regarding an 'administrative decision' taken by the University to either:

a) Office of the Ombudsman


b) Office of the Ombudsman for Children.

A valid complaint exists where:

'a decision or action is taken which relates to the provision of service or the performance of a function (or the absence of either) which, it is claimed by the complainant, is not in accordance with the rules, practice, or policy of the University or the generally accepted principles of equity and good administrative practice and which adversely affects the complainant'.



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