Risk & Resilience Management at DCU


Welcome to the Risk & Resilience section of the University's website. 

This section is managed by the Office of the Chief Operations Officer (COO) with day-to-day responsibility for its maintenance being the responsibility of the University Risk and Compliance Officer (RCO). 

This section deals primarily with the management of risk and resilience across the University and its wholly owned subsidiary campus companies. A separate section of the website deals with compliance issues and may be accessed at this link.

This section is designed to assist staff, students, members of the public and other interested parties in understanding the University's approach to risk & resilience. The COO is responsible for the management of the University's risk and resilience process at the University's Executive Board level, with the day-to-day administration of the process being the responsibility of the RCO who reports directly to the Deputy COO. In relation to their risk & resilience roles the COO, the Deputy COO & the RCO are collectively known as the 'Risk & Resilience Function'. If you wish to contact the RCO, for example to report a new significant risk or to request specific risk management training, please see the RCO contact details section at the bottom of this web page.


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