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Prizes & Awards

Each year the School of Physical Sciences makes awards of its own to graduating 4th year students to note outstanding academic achievements. Details of these awards are given below.

Awards & Prizes

Internal School Medal Awards

Medals for best overall performances in 4th year/degree:

Lynam medal (endowed by Mr. Harry Lynam, an applied physicist and entrepreneur who founded a number of very successful physics-based companies, including Lake Electronics, which have employed a broad range of scientists and engineers in leading edge technologies)

> Awarded for the best overall performance in the Applied Physics degree programme (1987 - 2014) and thereafter across all physics programmes (2014 - present).

Fryar medal (instituted following the death in 1990 of Dr. Joe Fryar, a colleague in the School who placed particular emphasis on experimental skills)

> Awarded for the best overall performance in the final year project across all physics programmes (1992 - present).

Plummer medal (instituted in the name of Prof. Henry C.K. Plummer, Andrews Professor of Astronomy in Trinity College Dublin, Royal Astronomer of Ireland and director of Dunsink Observatory from 1912-1921)

> Awarded for the best overall performance in the Physics with Astronomy degree (for the years 2007, 2008, 2010,2011 and 2013).


Rolls of Honour

Year Lynam Medal        Fryar Medal         Plummer Medal     
1987 Cathal Flynn    
1988 Simon McCabe    
1989 Colm Cryan    
1990 Moira O'Connor    
1991 Enda McGlynn John Pelan  
1992 Marcus Carbery Kevin Lardner  
1993 William Whitty Thomas Leahy  
1994 Oonagh Meighan Oonagh Meighan  
1995 Robert Mulhall Lorraine Warren  
1996 Karl Saunders James McGinley  
1997 Declan Goodman Ann Larkin  
1998 Ruth Bridcut David Phillips  
1999 Philip Bowe Jason Ruane  
2000 Derek McNamara Lee Carroll  
2001 Adam Kelly Adrian Murphy  
2002 Grainne Sheerin Ian French  
2003 Helen Cathcart  Alan Meaney   
2004 Caroline Banahan John Dardis  
2005 Daniel Foran Aoibheann Bird  
2006 Vincent Richardson Padraig Bolger  
2007 David Grimes Brian Doohan Christina Duffy 
2008 Catherine Doyle Thomas Kelly Christopher Helly 
2009 Thomas Cummins Kevin Ryan  
2010 Martin Duignan Nichola Walsh Nina Hanzlikova
2011 Ciarán Gray Nuala Byrne Mary O'Sullivan
2012 Thomas Butler Thomas Rudden  
2013 R Heunicke Claire O'Connell William Hanks
2014 Matthew McKenna Anita Brady  
2015 Tessa Ronan Cleo Harvey  
2016 Nicole Fleck Adam Dempsey  
2017 Adam Prior Sam McKeague  
2018 Andrew Forembski Matthew Snelgrove  
2019 Maksim Jansenko Michael Moore  
2020 Joachim Bosschaert Paul Cannon  
2021 Emily McGill Matthew Wright  
2022 Michaela Walsh Dmitry Vysotskiy  
2023 Áine Flood Alannah Cunningham