Dr. Rob O'Connor YouTube physics tutorial videos
Dr. Rob O'Connor YouTube Physics tutorial videos

Dr. Rob O'Connor's physics tutorial videos in the time of COVID 19

In order to help physics students whose studies have been affected by the Covid-19 national shutdown, Dr. Rob O'Connor is posting daily physics tutorial videos to YouTube.

The daily tutorials cover a wide range of introductory physics topics from mechanics to wave motion to thermodynamics. They are focused on problem solving, and each one is dedicated to working through a problem from the end-of-chapter questions found in physics textbooks. The problems are chosen so that they take in a wide range of skills and concepts from the topic. They should be of benefit to anyone studying physics either for the Leaving Cert, or in the first year of a science degree in University.

The link to the Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC6YwqJ3XvEi6i8CplB8D_Q