Prof. Jean-Paul Mosnier
Professor Jean-Paul Mosnier - Head School of Physical Sciences

School of Physical Sciences Postgraduate Theses completions 2020-2021

The School of Physical Sciences is delighted to announce that, in spite of all the difficulties encountered in the past 18 months, we have done well in terms of the School's completion of postgraduate theses.

With congratulations to the students and the supervisors, we hope that we will be able to give due recognition to all our new PhD's and MSc's, and celebrate in the usual colourful manner next November during the graduation ceremonies.


PhD successfully defended in 2020/21

Muhammad Billal Alli (Supervisors Dr Paddy Hayden and Prof John Costello)

Hu Lu (Supervisor Prof John Costello)

Sadaf Zehra (Supervisor Prof John Costello)

Cleo Harvey (Supervisor Dr Bert Ellingboe)

Tej Katravulapally (Supervisor Prof Lampros Nikolopoulos)


PhD thesis submitted in 2020/21

Samuel McKeague (Supervisor Dr Masha Chernyakova)

Conor McGeough (Supervisor Dr Tony Cafolla)


MSc thesis submitted in 2020/21

Yao Lu (Supervisor Prof Jens Ducrée)

Kyle Shiel (Supervisor Dr Rob O'Connor)