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School of Physical Sciences
Dr Karsten Fleischer
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Glasnevin Campus
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Academic biography

Dr. Karsten Fleischer is an Associate Professor on Surface and Interface Science and Characterisation of Advanced Materials/Nanomaterials in the School of Physical Sciences in Dublin City University since 2018. He received his PhD at the TU Berlin in 2005. He was an IRCSET Postdoctoral Fellow at Trinity College Dublin till 2007 and continued to work as Postdoctoral Fellow in TCDs Applied Physics Research Group.

Dr. Fleischer's research focuses on thin film oxides and oxide surface modifications for energy and ICT applications. This includes their thorough characterisation in terms of stoichiometry, optical-, electrical-, and crystallographic properties using various deposition and characterisation techniques. His research also includes the investigations of the surface states in such oxides by electrical and surface sensitive optical characterisation methods.

Research interests

My research focus are investigations on oxide materials for sensor and energy applications, in particular transparent conducting oxides (TCOs). My main interest is to link and control various thin film properties (transparency, conductivity, band gap, work function) to growth parameters, in particular for novel ternary oxides. Research aspect are reducing growth temperature and functional tuning of industrially relevant oxide materials (electron conducting (n-type) TCOs such as ZnO, ZTO, FTO ), screening for novel hole conducting (p-type) TCOs. The growth methods of choice are spray pyrolysis and atomic layer deposition (ALD)
I also investigate the influence of surface terminations on conductive properties (gas sensors) and the growth mode of the oxide in the first place. For this I'm employing extensive surface science tools such as X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and optical surface science methods such as reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS).