School of Physical Sciences Research Day: 11th November 2020

With BOC Gases postgraduate presentation and poster competition

With a couple of months delay we will have the annual Research day in a socially distant online
format. All researchers and staff members are encouraged to present a poster to showcase the
research activities within the school. (Posters will be collected as pdf and linked here for viewing).

As always, we have the BOC Gases postgraduate presentation and poster competition for all
postgraduate students on the same day. Their posters will be showcased here as well, and we have
the presentations (via zoom) in two parallel sessions in the afternoon.

The content of the poster should be related to your research project. You may submit a poster
previously submitted to a Conference or Meeting or you may submit a new poster. The 5min
presentation should give an overview of your research topic to a non-specialised audience.

Postgraduate researchers who have submitted their Ph.D. thesis within the past nine months are still
eligible to enter.

Click here to see the posters that have been uploaded (staff and students)!

Session 1: 14:00 to 15:40 (Click here for Zoom link)
Session 2: 14:00 to 15:30 (Click here for Zoom link)

Award Ceremony and General chat: 16:00 (Awards Ceremony Zoom link)


Session 1: 2pm-3:40pm (Session 1 - Zoom link TBC)

Conor Mc Geough

Growth of porphyrin functionalised Graphene Nanoribbons on Au(111) and Au(788)

Andrew Forembski

Towards a multi-GPU heterogeneous Lanczos time propagator of atomic systems in ultra-short and strong laser fields

Paul Cannon

Nanoforest on a Chip - Oxide Nanostructures for DNA Analysis

Adam Dempsey

Finite Larmor radius effects on filament dynamics

Caitlin McFeely

Optimisation and Characterisation of Polymer Brushes Suitable for Area Selective Deposition

Jo Bosschaert

Investigations of Electromagnetic coupling between a multi-tile electrode and planar used in semiconductor Material processing

Deirdre O'Neill

Identifying problems of practice (PoPs) across transitions in physics teacher education

Feljin Jose

Optimisation of metal oxides for photoelectrochemical water splitting

Seamus Cummins

The use of LIBS and laser ablation for the cleaning of wind turbine blades

Syedah Sadaf Zehra

Limit of detection optimization of Carbon in Steel- Comparison of Line plasma and point plasma.



Session 2: 2pm-3:30pm (Session 2 - Zoom link TBC)

Damienne Letmon

Analysis of the cognitive demand of 50 years of Irish physics and chemistry examinations

Rhys Doyle

Uncertainty in Computed Electron Transport Coefficients

Shane O'Donnell

Reliable and Efficient Photo-Electrochemical Water Splitting for Hydrogen Fuel

Cleo Harvey

Plasma Chemistry and Surface Reactions in a Large Scale Very-High-Frequency (162MHz) CCP for Atomic Layer Processing of SiO2

Matthew Snelgrove

Characterising Infiltration Techniques in Polymer Science for Area Selective Deposition

Yao Lu

Reliable liquid reagent handling and rotational release for centrifugal sample-to-answer automation

James Campbell

Laser Ablation for Wind Energy Generation – Optimum Parameters for LIBS

Samuel McKeague

High-Energy Modelling of High Mass X-ray Binaries

Stephen Durkan

Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Next Generation Materials for EUV Lithography