About PPI

Public and patient involvement in research is called PPI for short. This is where research is carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ members of the public rather than ‘to’, ‘about’ or ‘for’ them. 

This could be where patients or members of the public are partners in the following steps:

  • Deciding what research is funded
  • Deciding what questions research answers
  • Being a member of a research team
  • Deciding what methods are used
  • Developing documents, leaflets or articles
  • Interviewing research participants
  • Developing research findings
  • Telling people about research results 

PPI Ignite Awards

Dublin City University is one of five awardees of the PPI Ignite Awards, a joint funding scheme between the Health Research Board and Irish Research Council. This funding scheme was designed to help institutions to create the right environment, training, support and processes to help researchers engage members of the public and patients in their research from the start.    

Further detail on the PPI Ignite Awards can be found here:

To speak to individual institutions about their projects please contact the relevant programme manager:

DCU PPI Ignite

DCU PPI Ignite aims to support and promote capacity building for high quality PPI in health and social care research across DCU’s institutional practices, processes and structures. This will be achieved over three years, 2018-2021, through five cycles illustrated below.

DCU PPI Ignite Project Management Team

  • Principal Investigator - Veronica Lambert
  • Programme Manager - Lucy Whiston
  • Expert by Experience - Martha Griffin 
  • DCU Research and Innovation Support Office - Helen Burke
  • DCU School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health - Anne Matthews / Liam MacGabhann
  • DCU School of Psychology - Pamela Gallagher

DCU PPI Ignite Community of Practice

  • Epilepsy Ireland - Peter Murphy 
  • Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland - Tom Scott 
  • Medical Research Charities Group - Avril Kennan 
  • Irish Advocacy Network - Jim Walsh
  • Int. Network towards Alternatives & Recovery - Sabine Dick / Michaela Amering
  • International Advisor - Carole Mockford 
  • DCU School of Biotechnology - Anne Parle McDermott
  • DCU School of Health & Human Performance - Sarah Jane Belton
  • DCU School of Communications & Campus Engage - Padraig Murphy
  • DCU in the Community/Civic Engagement - Ronaldo Munck / Joanne Ozarowska
  • Faculty of Science and Health - Christine Loshcher / Kate Irving / Anthony Staines