Lombard Vance

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School of Psychology
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Looks like Dr Richard Lombard-Vance
Phone number: 01 700
Glasnevin Campus
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Academic biography

Current research interests

  1. Enabling quality-of-life, well-being, and community/civic participation;
  2. Cognitive impairment, ageing, and disability, esp. wrt (1);
  3. Psychology and rights, deinstitutionalisation, and democratization of health & social care;
  4. Evidence synthesis and methods; 
  5. Also interested in researchers' well-being, precarious employment, and participation. 


PhD: neuropsychology, amputation/limb loss, and prosthetic/psychosocial rehab outcomes. Also, QOL, de-congregation, evidence synthesis, health psychology, technologies for smart & healthy ageing, older adult populations. Methods: typically observational/cohort with quantitative analysis and systematic review/evidence synthesis.


Chair of Irish Research Staff Association, 2022/3. 

ORCiD: orcid.org/0000-0002-3307-9590 || OSF: https://osf.io/d6vap/

Research interests

Psychosocial processes & outcomes relating to the 'good life' (e.g., QOL, well-being, community participation, health);
Cognitive impairment, ageing, and disability (esp. wrt (1));
Psychology, rights, deinstitutionalisation, democratising health & social care; Psychology of amputation/limb loss;
Evidence synthesis; 
Liberation psychology;
Also interested in researchers' well-being, precarity, and enablement.