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NEW Degree Courses for 2024

DC005 Education – Primary Teaching – Irish Sign Language Pathway

This programme was last offered in 2019. DCU was delighted to have our first Irish sign language for primary school teaching graduates in October 2023. If you would like a career as a Primary School Teacher in the deaf education sector, making a lasting impact on young deaf and hard of hearing children, this programme is now available to apply for 2024 entry through CAO (www.cao.ie). For further information, please visit dcu.ie/DC005.

Entry Requirement Updates for 2024

  • DCU Prospectus Link
  • DC116 Global Business USA and DC119 Global Business Canada will both continue to have an FE route for entry 2024.
  • Printed prospectus update: General entry requirement information can be found on p174-176 of the DCU prospectus. Page 182-185 refer to course specific requirements only.
  • Printed prospectus update: P184 DC012 Religious Education and Music – There is a programme specific requirement of a H4 in Music, in addition to general entry requirements. This is outlined on P120.

Removal of Degree Programme for 2024 

DC189 Global Challenges - This programme has been cancelled for Entry September 2024

Important Application Information for 2024

Submission of EU Qualification Results (Outside UK & Ireland). DCU applicants presenting school examination results from within the EU, but from outside the UK/Ireland, must submit originals and english translation of all documentation to the CAO. For applicants with results from previous years, this information must be uploaded to CAO within 10-14 days of submitting their CAO application. For those taking exams in this current year, these results must be submitted to CAO no later than 2nd August for Round 1. This is to allow adequate time for assessment and processing. Any results received after 2nd August may be considered for later rounds, provided places remain on programmes.

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