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The University is moving to a new student application portal on 30th November 2020. Applications normally via PAC (closed 30th October 2020) can be made from 30th November 2020 onwards. 

Queries on Current Applications should be directed as follows:

International Students :

Specific Non-EU Qualifications

Postgradute Research Applications

Before making an EU or Non-EU application to full-time or part-time postgraduate research programmes, the candidate must consult with the appropriate School regarding the proposed programme of study, and must ascertain whether or not the School would be prepared to recommend his/her application to Academic Council.  Please click on the following link for information on - How to Apply

For further information, please see our Graduate Studies page.

Postgraduate Research Administration


DCU Admission Appeals Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the grounds for an appeal against an admission decision. To access the policy, please click here