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COVID 19 - DCU Prospective Postgraduate Student FAQ

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General Information

Step 1: PAC Applicants

Once we have received your completed application through PAC (postgraduate application centre), it will be assessed, and sent forward to the relevant faculties in DCU for review. 

We will contact you through your PAC account on with updates during the process.

Once there is a confirmed offe,r we will process this as quickly as possible.

If you receive an offer from us through your PAC account, you will need to accept the offer by the reply date. Once you accept an offer and have paid a deposit, you will receive a registration letter via your PAC account in August/September.

 Step 2: Receive Your Welcome Information & My DCU

Following acceptance of an offer and payment of deposit, you will receive log-in details to access DCU systems and your DCU email account. 

This information will also allow you to register for your course, pay your fees and access ‘My DCU at Loop', which will outline your student journey over the coming year.

 Step 3: Registration and Orientation

Before coming to DCU, you must Register Online for the modules on your course. You’ll need that welcome information again from Step 2 to do so. 

If you are a first year postgraduate student with the Institute of Education, Registration takes place between Wednesday, August 12th, to Wednesday, August 19th. 

For all other first year postgraduate students, including Postgraduate Research, registration takes place between Monday, September 21st, and Friday, October 2nd. 

For guidance on the registration process, visit the

If you have a query in relation to online registration, please submit an online query.

Once in ‘My DCU at Loop', you will have access to your personalised Orientation Schedule, a full overview of events on and off campus, information about clubs and societies and a full schedule of workshops that you can attend throughout the semester. Login here and welcome to DCU!

Closing Dates for Applications

EU and Non-EU applications to full-time and part-time postgraduate taught programmes should note that each programme has an initial date indicating when applications should be submitted.  Applications may be reviewed before or after the submission date. While initial submission dates are set for all programmes, a faculty may extend these submission dates.  Also, some programmes are offered on a modular or web basis so that applications can be taken any time.  Please note that all Postgraduate programmes offered through PAC have entry requirements.  In addition to qualifications some require additional information and applicants are asked to familiarise themselves with their progrramme(s) of choice before making an application.  For details on the current submission dates applicable to postgraduate taught programmes, click on the this link

Queries on Current PAC Applications should be directed as follows:

EU Students :
International Students :

Specific Non-EU Qualifications

Postgradute Research Applications

Before making an EU or Non-EU application to full-time or part-time postgraduate research programmes, the candidate must consult with the appropriate School regarding the proposed programme of study, and must ascertain whether or not the School would be prepared to recommend his/her application to Academic Council.  Please click on the following link for information on - How to Apply

For further information, please see our Graduate Studies page.

Postgraduate Research Administration

DCU Admission Appeals Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the grounds for an appeal against an admission decision. To access the policy, please click here