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Student Guide for On Campus Examinations

Exam Support Centre

In the majority of cases, students will be able to complete their exams with little or no difficulty.

If you do experience difficulties, please contact the Exam Support Centre:

Include your name, student ID #, module code, contact phone number and the nature  of your problem in the email to help resolve the issue quickly.

In Advance of Exams:

  • Check your examination timetable on the Student My Page prior to starting your examinations to ensure that you are certain of all dates, times, venues and campus.


  • Please take a note your 6 digit Exam Number for the current exam diet (published on the exam timetable). You will use this on your exam script to enable your script to be marked anonymously.  If you forget this on the day this can be checked with the invigilator. 




  • Check your Student ID Card is valid and in date and contact Registry if you require a new one. Please ensure you have signed the rear of your ID card.


  • Plan your route to your exam venue and allow plenty of time in advance. Campus maps are available here.

Note: Access to GLA.Sports Club Main Hall: Students should access this exam venue via the door beside Londis or internal doors to enter the exam hall. Signage will be made available on campus. 




Personal Support

A comprehensive list of FAQs can be found here 

On the day of your exams: 

  • It is a requirement to bring a valid Student ID card to all examinations.Temporary IDs are available from Registry on the morning of your exam if you forget your card. Failure to present a valid ID Card will require you to complete the ID Audit Process


  • Check your seat number outside the exam centre before entering the room. This will also be displayed on your examination timetable.  (You are NOT required to sign the list displayed outside the venue.) You will receive a different seat number for each exam. Please ensure that you sit in the correct seat.


  • Students are reminded that your mobile phone cannot not be switched on during your examination.  If you will be using a computer to complete your exam you will need your phone with you to complete the multifactor authentication process. Please ensure that you are in front of that computer 15 minutes before the start of the exam to allow you to  log into the computer in advance of the examination start.   


  • The following items are not permitted in the examination halls/rooms:
    • Text storing or programmable calculators
    • Smart watches / Electronic / digital / Bluetooth devices 
    • Notes/books of any kind (unless expressly approved)
    • Pencil cases
    • Paper, log tables, statistic tables, graph paper, formula (all supplied by the invigilator)
    • Food and drink
      (Please refer to the Examination Regulations for comprehensive guidance regarding this


  • Personal Belongings - Please note that personal belongings or valuables should not be brought into the examination venues as there is no secure storage available. Please secure any personal belongings in your student locker. The University does not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen in the examinations venues.

During your exams

  • When you receive the examination paper, check the paper to ensure that you have been given the correct one. 
  • Ensure that all the details are completed correctly on the front of your answer booklet before returning it to the invigilator. 
  • If you have any queries during the examination, if you have forgotten an item of stationery or are feeling unwell you can discuss these issues with one of the invigilators.

After the Exam

  • Ensure you get enough rest in between exams 
  • If you have experienced difficulties during the exam, you can complete an extenuating circumstances form.