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Student Guide for Online Examinations

Student Guide for Online Examinations

In the majority of cases, students will be able to complete their exams online with little or no difficulty. If, however, you do experience difficulties, please contact the Exam Support Centre via the exam support form, by phone at 01-7006151 or via

The Exam Support Centre for the August Resits will operate from 8.30am to 5.30pm on days of the examinations (August 1st - 14th). Please note Monday 7th August is a public holiday and the university will be closed. 

In advance of exams:
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged and your laptop has access to a power outlet
  • Decide on the location where you will conduct your assessment beforehand. Check for easy access to powerpoints, WiFi, good lighting and comfortable chair
  • Check internet connectivity - if there is a chance you might have connectivity issues, practice setting up a WiFi hotspot in advance (instructions below)
  • Advise your household of your assessment schedule beforehand so they are aware where and when you will be conducting your assignment.
  • Have a clock/watch in the room so you can manage your time effectively
  • Log into LoopExam a few days in advance of the exam to confirm access and to test the functionality on the test exams. 
  • Consider having a backup device available if possible
  • Familiarise yourself with each assessment and what is expected of you e.g. how many questions must you answer? 
  • Ensure you are familiar with requirements for citing and referencing.  These apply equally to online exams as they do to assignments.  DCU Library have citing and referencing resources available. 
Technical Tips
On the day of the exam
  • Make time before the assessment to review notes and mentally prepare
  • Log on to your computer at least 60 minutes before the scheduled start time
  • Allow time for your computer to switch on and go through start up routine
  • Open your student email account and leave open for the duration of the exam
  • If you have to upload a handwritten script, ensure that the Microsoft Lens app has been installed and tested on the mobile device well in advance of the exams. Click here for more information on how you can do this on Android, and on iOS 
  • Have your student ID number to hand as you will need this if you need to contact the exam support centre
  • You do not need an examination number for this set of exams, just use your Student ID and Name.


During the Exam
  • Live exam modules will only appear 1 hour before the time the exam is due to start
  • Announcements from the examiner will be made through your student email account if necessary, so keep an eye from time to time
  • If you need to contact the examiner during the exam, contact the exam support centre at phone 01-7006151 /student webform
  • Ensure that you carefully follow all the instructions relating to your online exam or quiz and that you press submit at the end of the exam or quiz, in order to ensure that your exam is valid.
  •  If you cannot upload your submission, please email it to your Examiner, including your DCU Student # and Name in the subject line.

  • All exams have been allocated some additional time to allow for uploading 
After the Exam
  • Ensure you get enough rest in between exams 
  • If you have experienced difficulties during the exam and wish to complete an extenuating circumstances form.
Personal Support

A comprehensive list of FAQs can be found here