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Placing Education, Research and Innovation at the Hearth of Ireland
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Placing Education, Research and Innovation at the Hearth of Ireland

Dublin City University (DCU) is a young and dynamic university which aims to have an impact on Irish society, not only by placing education, research and innovation at the hearth of its strategy, but also by ensuring that the knowledge generated is translated into tangible benefits. The university is in a process of active growth. By September 2016 DCU will incorporate 3 additional higher education institutions and following this process the new DCU Institute of Education will be the largest of its kind in the country. The Institute will lead the provision of teacher education in Ireland and will become a centre of excellence in educational research.

In addition to education, and in order to tackle societal and economic needs, DCU has implemented a novel enterprise– university engagement model: the 4 Research and Enterprise Hubs. "Enterprise" refers to a wide range of external stakeholders, from commercial to non-commercial organisations, industry, charities, NGOs, as well as cultural and social enterprise ventures. Active engagement with these organisations is fundamental to achieve the ambitious government objectives set out in the new Research and Innovation strategy, Innovation 2020.

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Article by Ana M. Terres, Director of Research Support. Adjacent Government, August 2016