Shows space image of satellite orbiting earth

DCU based firm with graduate founder launches groundbreaking AI satellite technology

DCU based AI technology firm Ubotica has launched a groundbreaking live earth intelligence mission enabled by AI powered technology. The technology lifted off aboard the HAMMER satellite as part of Space X’s Transporter 10 mission on 4th March.

Co-founded by DCU graduates John Bourke and Aubrey Dunne, and based at DCU Alpha, Dublin City University's Innovation Campus, Ubotica is a leading developer of autonomous SPACE:AI-enabled satellite technology.

The mission is delivering data for actionable decisions in sectors such as agriculture and marine conservation. For instance, CogniSAT-6 can make autonomous scheduling decisions. If initial observations in a particular area detect an environmental incident, such as an oil spill at sea, CogniSAT-6 can autonomously task other satellites to converge for deeper analysis.

Current Earth observation technology sends images back to Earth for analysis, creating a costly delay in processing. This situation creates expensive bottlenecks and delivers outdated insights.

In contrast, Ubotica’s CogniSAT-6 mission has on board artificial intelligence and real time communications. It can provide users with valuable insights such as real time crop information, including data informing decisions around irrigation, fertilisation and yield.

CogniSAT-6 is also the first satellite to enable direct interaction with users via a mobile app. For those looking for shipping updates, CogniSAT-6 can message users with a list of identified ships in a particular area. Users can then request additional information and insights about specific ships. 

DCU Alpha, Dublin City University's Innovation Campus, is a commercial innovation campus that promotes the growth of research-intensive businesses that are creating the technologies and services of tomorrow. Occupying a city-central 9 acre site, the campus has played a pivotal role in innovation and scientific research in Ireland, serving as headquarters for Enterprise Ireland, then NSAI and SEAI over its 70 year history. The NSAI Metrology Lab continues to operate onsite.

In recent years, Ubotica has entered a partnership with IBM and formed a corporate entity in the US to expand its presence in the country.