Primary Department
School of Physical Sciences
Phone number: 01 700
Glasnevin Campus

Academic biography

Prof. Greg Hughes holds a B.Sc in Chemistry and a PhD in semiconductor physics from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. Following a two year post-doctoral position in the IBM research division at Yorktown Heights, he joined the School of Physical Sciences at Dublin City University where he still works. He spent a sabbatical year at the Technical University of Berlin on an Alexander von Humboldt research fellowship in 1994 and was a Visiting Research Professor at Boston University in 2001 and 2003. He is the author of over 170 research papers in the field of surface science and his current research team is working on projects relating to the characterisation of novel materials for use in the semiconductor device industry. He has recently completed a 5-year term as Vice-President for Research and Innovation. He has an ongoing interest in developing the research dimension of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) as one of the recently established European University Alliances.

Research interests

Investigation of chemical interactions on semiconductor surfaces, including Schottky Barrier formation, surface exchange reactions, surface chemical passivation and heteroepitaxial growth. Investigations of the interactions of group VI elements with semiconductor surfaces with the specific objective of improving the electrical characteristics of multiplayer structures fabricated on these surfaces. Electrical and chemical characterisation of thin film dielectric layers used in advanced transistor fabrication technology. Developing an understanding of the chemical and structural interactions of organic molecules with semiconductor surfaces. These studies involve investigation of direct bonding mechanisms between organic molecules and surface atoms with a view to exploiting these hybrid organic-inorganic structures for novel electronic device and sensor applications.