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collaborative research agreements

A Collaborative Research Agreement is an important legal document that details the terms and conditions to govern the research relationship between parties (academic, industrial, state agencies etc) involved in a collaborative research programme. They are increasingly complex documents that address such issues as governance structures, budgets, dispute resolution, research project management procedures, intellectual property rights, publication rights and obligations of each party. They are normally custom developed on a case-by-case basis. However, the OVPR has a number of standard templates with which a Collaborative Research Agreement for your specific needs can be developed. Please contact the OVPR for further details.

In the event that a Collaborative Research Agreement is developed by an external party please contact the OVPR for advice and institutional sign off in all instances .

Conditions of Use: -

  • To be used where the University is undertaking collaborative research with one or more external parties.
  • All negotiations are to be conducted by Office of the Vice-President for Research in consultation with the researcher(s) involved.
  • This agreement can only be executed on behalf of the University by the Vice-President for Research, Director of the Office of the Vice-President for Research, President or Deputy President.