Research and Innovation Support - Ideas

office of the vice-president for research


The objective of the 'Ideas' programme proposed is to enhance the excellence of European research at the frontier of knowledge. This is to be done by supporting "investigator-driven" research projects carried out across all fields by individual teams in competition at the European level. Projects will be funded on the basis of proposals presented by researchers on subjects of their choice and assessment by peer review.

The European Research Council (ERC), composed of a scientific governing council and a dedicated implementation structure, will implement these basic research grants. Research areas covered will be independent of the thematic orientations of other parts of the Framework Programme, and will include engineering, social sciences and the humanities.

The council will consist of representatives of the European scientific community at the highest level, acting independently of political or other interests, and appointed by the Commission. This council will: -

  • Oversee decisions on the research to be funded;
  • Develop the annual work programme;
  • Establish the peer review process
  • Monitor the programme's implementation to control quality

Ideas - a European Research Council to support basic, frontier research