Research and Innovation Support - Materials Transfer Agreements

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materials transfer agreements

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) are legal documents that identify the terms and conditions regarding receipt of unique or propriatory "material." DCU researchers send and receive "materials" to use in research projects. If you need to send or receive research materials including biological materials, data, software or other items from another university or organisation for use in your research, you should contact the OVPR for more information to determine if a MTA is required or to get university approval on an external organizations MTA. It is an important legal contract that governs the transfer of the materials between the organizations and grants certain rights to the university, and protects the researcher and the University from liability in the event of a disagreement or a mishap.

Conditions of Use: -

  • This agreement is to be used when the University is transferring or supplying research materials (eg. Biological materials, chemicals, drugs) to an external party.
  • The agreement needs to be executed by both parties with the Vice-President for Research or Director of the Office of the Vice-President for Research the only authorized signatories on behalf of DCU.

Please contact the OVPR for an executable Materials Transfer Agreement.