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Research Location

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Key to the Buildings:

A - Albert College Building. The west wing contains the President''s and Secretary''s office
B - The "Invent" centre. This building also house the Office for Industrial and International Affairs which organises Intra placements.
*C - The Henry Grattan Building. Houses mainly the Humanities Faculty and a large number of classrooms.
*CA - The South East block of the Henry Grattan Building. This contains the Registry, some classrooms and Computer Services.
D - The Bea Orpen Building which houses Oscail, the National Distance Education Centre.
E - The Buildings Office
F - Car Park 1 the Multi-Storey Car Park also the office of the Security Staff.
G - An GrianĂ¡n, Residence of the President
H - Health Sciences Building
J - The R & D Building containing some research activities
K - The Student Social Centre including Bars, Shops, Students'' Union Offices and "The Venue".
*L - Block containing Computer Applications School and the Software Engineering Centre. There are also a few classrooms.
M - The Interfaith Centre
N - Block containing the School of Physics and part of the School of Electronic Engineering
P - The Pavilion, containing some of the Offices of Student Support & Development including the Careers and Counselling Services.
PR - The Main Restaurant
*Q - The Business School also houses the School of Education Studies.
QA - The Administration Block
R - The Creche
S - The main engineering block containing the School of Mechanical Engineering and most of the School of Electronic Engineering.
T - The Terence Larkin Theatre, the largest lecture theatre in the University.
U - The Sports Complex
V - The Undergraduate Residences.
VA & VB - The Post Graduate Residences. VA also house the office of the Vice President for Research.
W - Campus Residence and Swimming Pool
*X - The Main Science Block containing the Schools of Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Nursing and Sports Science.
Y - The Library
Z - The "Helix" housing the O''Mahony Hall and performance theatres.

For Residences use Ballymun Road entrance and Car Park 3.

For Meeting Room and General Reception use Collins Avenue entrance and multi-storey Car Park.