Research Newsletter – Issue 78: Information and Updates


SFI Frontiers for the Future Programme (FFP) - call dates advance notice

Please see below an update on FFP timelines for the coming months.

  1.  The 2022 FFP Call will be launched in late Q4. It is expected that the call will open in early December 2022; likely the first or second week. The subsequent close of submissions date for the Projects stream applications will be in late March 2023. This is an advance notification, and finalized dates will be provided as soon as possible.
  2.  The 2021 FFP rolling Awards stream will close for submissions at 1:30pm (IST) on Friday December 2nd 2022. The Awards stream will open again for submissions in 2023, with dates to be confirmed with the 2022 Call launch. 

 With the call launch, SFI will provide FAQ documents, and a Webinar/Q&A. Further detail will be provided by SFI in due course, and these resources will cover the updates to the FFP programme for the 2022 call.



Guidelines on EU Horizon Europe lump sum financing

The European Commission have published a detailed guide on lump sum financing in Horizon Europe - How to manage your lump sum grants. This intends to help applicants and beneficiaries submit their lump sum proposals and manage their lump sum grants in EU funding programmes.



Approaches to inclusive gender equality in research and innovation (R&I) - European Commission report

To promote diversity in R&I and open its gender policy to intersections with other social characteristics, such as ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, the European Commission supports the development of inclusive gender equality plans (GEPs) and policies, in line with the 2020 Communication on the new European Research Area (ERA) and ERA Policy Agenda 2022-2024.

As part of these efforts, this report presents emerging practices and policies at EU and national levels to support the inclusion and equal opportunity of students, researchers and staff from diverse backgrounds in European R&I systems.