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Some 300 academic staff pursue their research interests at Dublin City University, within Schools/Departments or in thematic research centres. The university is involved in all major national and EU funding programmes and has enjoyed significant success in attracting research sponsorship from industry for both basic and applied research.

DCU is committed to a continuing emphasis on research at all levels in the university. The recent construction of a new Postgraduate Centre for postgraduates and researchers is just one example of this commitment. 600 postgraduate students conduct their research for a higher degree at DCU. According to the Sunday Times University Guide (September 2002), at € 17,685 per postgraduate, DCU has the highest per capita research income for postgraduates in Ireland.

If you have a first or second class degree from a recognised Third Level Institution and are interested in a research area in which DCU has a specialty - or you are interested in discussing potential research areas with one of our researchers, follow any of the links below.