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research seminar series

Venue:Seminar Room, Postgraduate Centre

We invite you to join us in celebrating the research achievements of DCU researchers, winners of the Albert College Fellowships, as part of the Research Seminar Series, 2003.

Prof. Robert Forster
(School of Chemical Sciences)
Established Researcher Fellow
03 Nov, 03 Nanotechnology: From Molecular Electronics to
Dr. Ciaran Fagan
(School of Biotechnology)
Established Researcher Fellow
04 Dec, 03 From Roots to Recombinant - the not-so-humble
Dr. Eileen Connolly
(School of Law and Government)
Research Career Start Fellow
12 Feb, 04 Gender Equality Strategies and the Role of
Institutionalised Ideas.
Mr. Donal Gorman
(Sports Science and Health)
Research Career Start Fellow
26 Feb, 04 The impact of augmented insulin sensitivity on
the insulin signalling cascade in type 2 diabetes.
Dr. David Denby
Established Researcher Fellow
11 Mar, 04 Not quite the last of the Mohicans:
European Visions of the Native American in the Eighteenth Century.
Dr. Tia Keyes
(School of Chemical Sciences)
Research Career Start Fellow
25 Mar, 04 Photophysics in Heterogeneous Media.