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Research Support Services


The Capacities programme aims to enhance research and innovation capacities throughout Europe and ensure their optimal use through measures targeted at:

Research infrastructures
Research infrastructures, including radiation sources, data banks in genomics and data banks in social science, observatories for environmental sciences, systems of imaging or clean rooms for the study and development of new materials or nano-electronics, and computing and communication based e-infrastructures, are at the core of research. They are expensive and should be used and exploited by a large community of scientist and customer industries on a European scale. Support will be given to existing and new research infrastructures.

Science in society
The aim of this section of FP7 is to stimulate the harmonious integration of scientific and technological endeavour, and associated research policies in the European social web, by encouraging debate on science and technology, and their relation with society and culture.

Support will be provided for: -

  • Strengthening and improving the European science system, including "self regulation";
  • Broader engagement of researchers and the public on science related questions;
  • Reflection and debate on science and technology and their place in society;
  • The integration of the gender dimension in all research areas
  • An education system that triggers curiosity for science in young people at all levels
  • Development of a policy on the role of universities;
  • Improved communication between the scientific world and policy-makers, media and public.

International cooperation
Cooperation with third countries will be targeted in particular at :-

  • Candidate countries;
  • Countries neighbouring the EU, Mediterranean, Western Balkans and the Newly Independent States;
  • Developing countries, focusing on their particular needs;
  • Emerging economies.

Research for the benefit of SMEs
The objective is to strengthen the innovation capacity of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their contribution to the development of new technologies.

Regions of knowledge
Under this initiative, the research potential of European regions will be strengthened, by supporting the development of regional "research-driven clusters" associating universities, research centres, enterprises and regional authorities.

Research potential of Convergence Regions
This aims to stimulate the realisation of the full research potential in the EU's Convergence Regions, and helping to strengthen the capacities of their researchers to successfully participate in research at EU level.

Research Capacities - Infrastructures, SMEs, regions and potential