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Nine thematic areas have been identified for the Cooperation programme.

  • Health
    Emphasis under this priority will be put on translational research (translation of basic discoveries in clinical applications) and the development of sustainable and efficient healthcare systems.

  • Food, agriculture and biotechnology
    This priority aims at building a European "knowledge based bio-economy" to answer the growing demand for safer and healthier food as well as for sustainable use and production of renewable bio-resources.

  • Information and communication technologies
    The ICT priorities will enhance the different ICT technologies (nano-electronics, communication networks, mixed realities, etc.) help to integrate technologies (home environment, robotic systems, etc.) and concentrate applications research on societal, content-related, business- and industry supportive and confidence-building research.

  • Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies
    This aims to transform European industry from a resource-intensive to a knowledge-intensive industry, by generating breakthrough knowledge for new applications at the crossroads between different technologies and disciplines.

  • Energy
    A clear emphasis is given to research on renewables and on low CO2 emitting power generation.

  • Environment (including climate change)
    The Environment theme highlights research related to predicting climate change and developing earth observation.

  • Transport (including aeronautics)
    The Transport area will support development of integrated, "greener" and "smarter" pan-European transport systems.

  • Socio-economic sciences and the humanities
    This research will aim to generate understanding of the interrelated socio-economic challenges Europe is faced with (such as growth, employment, social cohesion, quality of life and global interdependence) in particular with the view of providing an improved knowledge base for policies.

  • Security and Space
    This will develop technologies for building capabilities needed to ensure the security of citizens and to ensure optimal use of available technologies in the civil and defence areas. The industry map for Security in Europe is at This will influence EC thinking for Horizon 2020. Consider engaging with this open forum (driven by large industry) if relevant as it is great for networking and your profile.


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