Research Support Services - EU Funding - Framework Programme 7

Research Support Services

EU Funding - Framework Programme 7

EU funding for Research and Development

There are 5 programmes under FP7

  • Cooperation: Funding for multinational, collaborative research projects. These networks can be small (3 partners) or large (20+ partners).
  • Ideas: Funding for an individual researcher or team for basic research.
  • People: Funding for the training and mobility of individual researchers at all stages of their career (4 years experience to 10+ years of experience).
  • Capacities: Funding to strengthen European research by enhancing research infrastructures, creating common research policies, enabling staff exchanges, etc.
  • Euratom: Funding for nuclear research.

Actions under FP7

  • Collaborative Projects (CP): An international network of research teams
    • CP-STREP: Specific Targeted Research Project (small research projects)
    • CP-IP: Integrated Research Project (large research projects)
    • CP-S: Small Projects
    • CP-L: Large Projects
    • CP-SM: Small – Medium
    • CP-FP: Focused projects (small/medium)
    • CP-LISP: Large Scale Integrating Projects
    • CP-D: Demonstration (e.g. lab to proto-type)
  • Coordination & Support Actions (CSA): Projects involving the exchange of experiences i.e. through workshops, seminars, conferences, building networks, opening access to research infrastructures.
  • Networks of Excellence (NoE): Building long-term research coperations so that expertise can be pooled and resources are coordinated.
  • Support for Frontier Research: These calls are managed by the European Research Council (ERC). Support is awarded to individuals purely on the basis of excellence.
  • Marie Curie Fellowships: Researcher mobility
  • Research Activities for the benefit of specific groups (e.g. SMEs)
  • Article 169: Support for the implementation of national research policies.
  • Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI)

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