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Research Support Services

EU Funding - Structural Funding

Structural and Cohesion Funding (SF)

EU funding for the poorer regions of Europe and to support the integration of Europe’s infrastructure.

3 Objectives

  • Convergence – for regions whose GDP is below 75% of EU average
  • Regional Competitiveness & Employment.
  • Territorial Cooperation – cooperation between regions
    • Cross-boarder cooperation
    • Transnational cooperation
    • Interregional cooperation

Some Structural Funding Programmes that may be of interest to DCU staff:

  1. Interreg is the EU's Programme of structural funding for strengthening social and economic cohesion throughout Europe by supporting projects and actions in three axes: A - Cross-border; B - Trans-national; and C - Interregional. Interreg IV (2007-2013) is made up of a large number of A,B & C Programmes. DCU staff may be interested in the following Interreg programmes: Download the Interregional Cooperation Programme

  2. The PEACE III Programme is a distinctive EU Programme aimed at reinforcing progress towards a peaceful and stable society and promoting reconciliation. It will assist Northern Ireland and the Border Region and will specifically focus on reconciling communities and contributing towards a shared society. Download the Peace III programme