Strategic Partnerships

International Engagement and Strategic Partnerships

In 2013, DCU and Arizona State University entered into a Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership. Building on 8 years of collaboration, the partnership promises students a unique education and research experience and it seeks to have a positive impact on the economies and communities in Ireland and Arizona. For further information, please click here.

DCU is also a member of a number of international university networks that align with DCU’s vision and values as a young, ambitious university of enterprise and transformation. These are:


Check out whats happening in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) in the ECIU Magazine  and the achievements of the Young European Research Unviersity Network (YERUN) may be found in the 2018 YERUN annual Report 

The Office of Strategic Partnerships coordinates DCU’s engagement in these networks and our ongoing relationship with ASU.  Via the networks and the DCU/ASU collaboration, the Office of Strategic partnerships is active in the areas of Research, Policy and Joint Educational Initiatives.


ECIU Research Mobility Fund: The ECIU has launched a Research Mobility Fund, aiming at increasing mobility amongst its researchers. Researchers from ECIU universities interested in establishing or extending high-profile collaborative scientific relations with ECIU partners may apply for travel support. This scheme will be open until 31st December 2018. 

Yerun Workshops:   Five research workshops are to be supported via Yerun. Workshops on Big Data and Migration have thus far been hosted.  Still to come are workshops on Health and Ageing, Digital Humanities, and STEM. Funding is avail to support the travel expenses of one researcher per member institution.   

GCSO seed funding: GSCO seed funding is available to implement and/or scale a fully developed solution, and engage an implementer (e.g. government, NGO, school, industry). Projects are required to include the collaboration of two or more GCSO member universities.

DCU/ASU research collaborations:  DCU and ASU researchers are cooperating in a broad range of disciplines.  For more information please go to the dedicated ASU/DCU Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership webpage. 

 Educational Initiatives

ECIU Minors Programme:  The ECIU Minors Programme allows students to spend a semester at a like- minded ECIU partner university.  DCU is participating in the Minors Programme on Primary Education, to commence shortly.

DCU/ASU:  DCU and ASU run a joint Masters programme in Biomedical Diagnostics. There are also exchange and study abroad options available to students from each institution.  For more information please go to the dedicated ASU/DCU Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership webpage. 


Yerun Position on Open Science:  Yerun is working on developing a position and strategies to promote the concept of Open Science.  You can watch a two-minute video explaining open science concept and Yerun’s policy position here.

Horizon Europe:  ECIU & Yerun have prepared, and continue to develop, policy positions on the next European Research Funding framework programme. Click here for the latest Yerun position statement.

ECIU position statement  - See the most recent statement here.