Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Newport Spectra Physics TAS

The Newport Spectra Physics TAS, is an Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectrometer for pump-probe experiments with both liquid and solids samples. Our facility covers a wide range of applications in photochemistry, photobiology, materials science, and semiconductor physics, making it a versatile tool for researchers in these fields.

This system offers:

  • A spectral range of 320-900 nm, which can be extended into the near-IR up to 1600 nm.

  • A time delay range of 0-8 ns, with a time resolution of better than 50 fs.

  • A delay step size of 2 fs and bi-directional repeatability of 8 fs.

  • Sample sizes of up to 200 mm x 250 mm

Our facility is particularly suited to research on the dynamics of gold and silver nanoparticles, organic potovoltaics, photoinitiator dynamics for photo-polymerization, and photosynthetic systems and fluorescent proteins in photobiology.

PhaseTech 2D Quick Transient

The PhaseTech 2D Quick Transient, a complete system for time-resolved, two-dimensional spectroscopy in the Mid-IR. This advanced system is designed to provide precise and accurate measurements for a range of applications in photochemistry, photobiology, and materials science. At the heart of the system is 2D-IR spectroscopy, which has many applications including molecular structure and dynamics, protein structure and dynamics, real-time kinetics, energy transfer, and coherent control. 

  • Modes include Mid-IR Pump with Mid-IR Probe, 2D Mid-IR, UV/Visible Pump with Mid-IR Probe and Transient 2D-IR (UV/Visible Pump with 2D-IR).

  • Spectral range of 3-12 µm or 830-3300 cm-1, with a spectral window of 1.5 µm at a centre wavelength of 5 µm.

  • In transient mode, the system has a maximum (double pass) delay of 4 ns with a corresponding step size of 16.7 fs.

Whether studying molecular interactions, proton and electron transfer, or solvation dynamics, the PhaseTech 2D Quick Transient can provide a deeper understanding.

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