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At DCU we excel at Erasmus+, participating in many actions from student exchanges to a European University alliance. Through these pages, we share this wide expertise to help you in your journey to secure funding for your project.

At DCU we collaborate with national, European, and international partners in a wide range of activities and projects funded through the Erasmus+ programme, developing excellence, creativity, and innovation in all fields of education and training. Participation in an Erasmus+ project helps build international networks, brings experience in working with EU funding, and can lead to publications and further research funding. 

Erasmus+ Call 2023

The Commission is delighted to launch the call for proposals for 2023 under the Erasmus+ programme. With an annual budget of €4.2 billion, Erasmus+ is increasing its support for inclusion, active citizenship and democratic participation, and green and digital transformations in the EU and internationally.


What is the Erasmus+ programme?

Erasmus+ is the EU’s funding programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport. First launched in 1987, the current programme (2021-2027) provides approximately €9 billion of funding for collaborative projects, as well as €20 billion for individual mobility grants for teachers and learners. Most projects are carried out in consortia of universities and other organisations from 3 or more countries, with funding per project ranging from €30,000 to €4 million depending on the Call, the duration of the project, and the number of partners.


Benefits of participating in an Erasmus+ project

Participating in an Erasmus+ project brings valuable experience in national and international collaboration for new researchers, and can be a means of achieving systemic impact at European or international level. Through an Erasmus+ project you can:

  • Access funding for a wide range of activities
  • Collaborate with trans-sectoral and international partners
  • Develop excellence, creativity, and innovation in your field of expertise
  • Have a positive impact on your chosen target group
  • Gain experience in working with EU funding

The aim of Erasmus+ is to support the educational, professional and personal development of people in education, training, youth and sport, to contribute to sustainable growth, quality jobs and social cohesion, to drive innovation and to strengthen European identity and active citizenship.

The 2021-2027 programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, and the green and digital transitions.


Erasmus+ Project Gallery


Dr Sophie Ball Erasmus+ Development Officer

Email: sophie.ball@dcu.ie

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