Research Newsletter - Issue 91: Good News

Erasmus+ Small-Scale Partnership

“Blooming Digital!” is a newly awarded Small-Scale Partnership in the field of school education, coordinated by St Aidans Community School (Tallaght), working with schools in Portugal, Romania and Turkey. The primary beneficiaries of the project are post-primary school students. The objectives of the projects are to tackle learning disadvantage, early school leaving, and low proficiency in basic skills through enhancing students’ and teachers’ proficiency in using digital technologies for innovative and creative purposes. The project targets secondary school teachers who will receive training and support to integrate digital technologies into teaching and learning effectively.

PI: Dr Yvonne Crotty, School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies

Pfizer Competitive Grant Programme Award

Congratulations to Dr Hannah Goss, School of Health and Human Performance, and Dr Stephen Behan, INSIGHT / School of Health and Human Performance, who were awarded funding through the Pfizer Competitive Grant programme to advance Health Literacy Education in the Republic of Ireland.  

This competitive grant program supports projects that improve health literacy in The Republic of Ireland through awareness and education.  Health literacy is linked to literacy and entails people’s knowledge, motivation, and competencies to access, understand, appraise, and apply health information in order to make judgments and take decisions in everyday life concerning healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion to maintain or improve quality of life during the life course.

The grant will be utilised to support LifeLab: A co-designed health literacy intervention for socioeconomically disadvantaged adolescents, which has been operating from DCU SHHP since 2019. LifeLab will see an exciting period of development over the next 12 months with a move to Polaris, and this funding will support the LifeLab team's ongoing commitment to research, outreach and engagement.