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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies

What our Graduates Say

Anna Zurowska

Anna Zurowska

BA in Languages for International Communication (English Studies)
Graduated 2010

"The BA in Languages for International Communication at DCU was my first and best choice! This programme is a great option for somebody who's interested in modern communication, languages and culture. It made my choice simple because I could study English as well as a second language, in my case German. I had a great time at the University where I made many friends.
When I reflect on my years at DCU, the most rewarding experience was the quality of the relationship between the lecturers and the students. The human element of the programme, which was extremely important, along with the academic side, made my years at DCU exciting and challenging.
To anybody who's interested in languages and communication, this degree is a great choice. After graduation you can choose from a variety of MA courses. Thanks to this programme, I was able to pursue my academic career by doing an MA in Trinity College Dublin."

Laura Merloiu

Laura Merloiu

BA in Languages for International Communication (English Studies)
Graduated 2010

"During my time in DCU, I made friends from all over the world and I also gained precious knowledge of how important culture and intercultural knowledge is in the business environment. I am now back in my home country of Romania, working for a major multinational company, Procter and Gamble. My ENGLIC degree was a big help in my getting this job. As Bob McDonald (CEO of P&G) says, cultural problems in business can be a greater barrier than finding talented people - his words couldn't emphasize more the usefulness of my ENGLIC degree in DCU."

Colm Gaffney

Dr. Colm Caffrey

Graduated from BA in Applied Languages (Japanese/German)
Graduated 2004
Japanese-English Translator,
World Intellectual Property Office, Geneva

"I really believe that the attention to detail, approachability and support of the lecturers from the Japanese department is second to none and an excellent preparation for working life."

Michael Mullen

Graduate of BA in Applied Languages (German/French)
Graduated 2004
Corporate Banker (Senior Account Manager), Luxembourg

"Studying German as an ab initio (beginner) student at DCU has proved to be a very worthwhile and enjoyable decision for me both personally and professionally. Since graduating from DCU in November 2004, I have been very fortunate to find employment where knowledge of the German language was required. Having studied German at DCU, I have been offered several opportunities in my career to date. While working with an American bank in Dublin I travelled to visit clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since graduating I have worked in Dublin, Berlin and am currently based in Luxembourg. Such travel and employment opportunities would not have been possible if I hadn't studied German at DCU."

Roisin McGowan

BA International Business and Languages (Japanese)
Graduated 2005
MA International Security & Conflict Studies 2007
Japanese and English teacher

"I always said "I'm not a language person" until I began to study Japanese at DCU ten years ago. At that time, I didn't really know what to expect, but now I can't imagine my life without it! Studying Japanese allowed me to make friendships that would otherwise have been impossible and to view the world through a new perspective. The skills, opportunities, and friends and that I have gained through studying Japanese have changed my world."