Engagement community overview

SALIS embodies the university's mission of transforming lives and societies through engagement with local, national and international communities. By espousing an applied focus, we seek to ensure that our students and graduates have the skills, knowledge and attitudes which allow them to contribute to society in a meaningful way, both professionally and personally. This includes developing expertise in the areas of language, multilingualism, translation, culture, intercultural communication, and social innovation, as well as ethical, creative and future thinking.

SALIS staff contribute to national and international newspapers, engages with national and international associations for translation, applied linguistics, and professional translator and interpreter associations. We have projects that engage directly with communities such as the Mellie project facilitating intercultural exchange between people in the direct provision system and staff and students in DCU, and the Interact network engaging in research and training for translation in crisis scenarios. Individually, staff engage with schools, organisations, businesses, and institutions in Ireland and elsewhere.