Undergraduate Programmes

SALIS Undergraduate Courses

BA in Applied Language and Translation Studies (CAO Code: DC155)

The BA in Applied Language and Translation Studies (ALTS) is a unique degree in Irish Higher Education that aims to prepare a new generation of translators and language professionals for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. During the degree you will study two languages in addition to modules on culture and society, translation, and intercultural communication. The School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (SALIS) offers a wide range of languages that include Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, allowing you to take exciting language combinations. There are two different pathways to enter the degree: Pathway 1 allows you to enter with two languages at intermediate level (Leaving Certificate or equivalent); Pathway 2 allows you to enter with one language at intermediate level (Leaving Certificate or equivalent) and a new language.

The programme is a four year degree and during Year 3 you will spend your academic year studying at one of our partner universities abroad, an excellent opportunity to experience the culture of another country at first hand, honing your language skills and undertaking a significant body of work in the local language. This will prepare you for Year 4, where you will conduct independent research for your dissertation, while taking advanced modules in language and specialised translation. This is an all-rounded degree where you will acquire and develop skills in demand in the modern industry, making you a highly employable graduate in an increasingly competitive and technological driven marketplace. ALTS provides a student-focused teaching approach and strong student support offering an enjoyable experience in your journey towards becoming a graduate.


BA in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation (CAO Code: DC238)

The BA in Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation is a new offering in Irish higher education, providing students with a unique combination of sociology, politics, media and innovation. This future-focused programme brings an applied focus to the social sciences and is designed to equip students for a rapidly changing workplace and world. Students get to explore multiple disciplines as they progress through the programme, before deciding to specialise in their preferred area of choice in their final year.

Informed by research which identifies the skills required for the 21st century, students also undertake modules on creativity, future thinking, leadership, ethical and critical thinking, digital literacy and intercultural competence. They also have the option of studying abroad for a year after Year 2, or even undertaking a year-long paid work placement, providing excellent experience and the opportunity to build a valuable professional network while still in university. The programme intake is approximately 50 students, which facilitates the transition to higher education, promoting integration and strong student support.

Bachelor of Arts: Joint Honours (CAO Codes: DC291, DC292, DC293)

This Bachelof Arts: Joint Honours degree draws on existing DCU strengths while giving you the choice of what you want to study from a unique range of subjects. Students also have the option to take a year abroad (year abroad students complete the degree over four years). You will acquire a critical perspective on areas central to contemporary society, including law, politics and the media. You can also complement this knowledge by developing a high competence in a foreign language or Irish.

Each subject area of the Bachelor of Arts will provide you with an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a particular academic discipline. This degree will prepare you for a variety of careers while also providing a solid foundation for further study at postgraduate level.