Opportunities for Enterprise

Opportunities for Enterprise


SALIS works with private and not-for-profit enterprises to find novel solutions to interlingual translation problems.

We have partnered with companies like Symantec and VistaTEC in doctoral research on machine translation, controlled natural language and post-editing. We have provided translators and linguistic resources, including source language content, translation memories and machine-translated content, to companies such as Alchemy, Autodesk, McAfee, TAUS and Welocalize. 

SALIS is partnering with KantanMT.com, the cloud-based statistical machine platform, on research-driven syllabi in statistical machine translation to help human translators.

We also partner with not-for-profits like The Rosetta Foundation, which alleviates poverty, supports healthcare, and develops education through providing equal access to information and knowledge across the languages of the world; and Translators Without Borders, which links translators to NGOs that focus on health, nutrition and education.

For further information, contact Dr Sharon O’Brien.

Policy Development

Our work can inform policy development in areas like multiculturalism and education. We have specific interests in the integration of migrants and international students, and the creation of multicultural campuses. We are also currently working on the development of language-in-education policies, and ethical and political/citizenship education in schools.

For further information, contact Dr Jennifer Bruen.

Cultural Engagement

We work with government, local authorities, and cultural organisations on some of the most exciting cultural events in Ireland, including: Experience Japan: the Irish, Spanish and Latin American (ISLA) Literary Festival; and the Franco-Irish Literary Festival. We are happy to cooperate in events and projects promoting European and Asian languages and culture.

For further information, contact Dr Ryoko Sasamoto or Mr Jean-Philippe Imbert

Innovation through collaboration

SALIS is always looking to engage productively with government, public, private and not-for-profit organisations. If you would like to engage our experts in a collaboration, check out what we can offer and how we could assist on ‘Invent’, DCU’s Innovation and Enterprise Centre.