Future Research Students: Applying for a PhD programme - School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies

Research in SALIS

SALIS is a multilingual, multicultural research-focused school with specialisms in Modern Languages; Applied Linguistics; Translation Studies; and Cultural and Intercultural Studies. Our research frequently crosses disciplinary and linguistic boundaries and our scholarship is increasingly concerned with digital technologies; literacies; and practices in a variety of professional, academic and social contexts.

SALIS offers a multilingual and multicultural environment in which to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to study one or more of the following languages as part of the courses offered by SALIS: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish. Furthermore, SALIS is home to the LanguaCulture Space, which is designed to promote informal language learning and authentic interactions between Irish and International Students.

For our existing students: 
2020-21 SALIS PhD Handbook is now available!


Prospective Students:

SALIS welcomes applications, both full-time and part-time basis, from postgraduates interested in the areas of expertise of our school. These are outlined on SALIS Website (http://www4.dcu.ie/salis/research.shtml) for reference purposes.

Application Procedure:

Applicants must first identify and approach a potential supervisor who is a faculty member from SALIS. Before contacting a potential supervisor, you should ensure that your intended topic matches one or more of their research interests. The research profiles of our faculty members can be accessed here. Please note that those applicants contacting multiple faculty members simultaneously may not be considered for admission.

You must discuss the suitability of your research topic with the potential supervisor and develop a suitable research proposal. If there are no members of faculty who have undertaken, or are interested in undertaking, research closely related to that of your proposal, it is unlikely that the proposal will be accepted.
Once such a research proposal is developed, you may submit an application to the Assistant Director of Research, Dr Iker Erdocia by email (salisresearch@dcu.ie). You should only apply if a faculty member from SALIS is supporting your application. Applications are normally considered between March and July. Please use the SALIS PhD Application Form available to download from here.

Please ensure that:
-          You check carefully the research profiles of the members of the faculty;
-          Your proposed topic is in connection to the research interest and expertise of the faculty member you approach;
-          For your application to be considered, you do not contact more than one faculty member simultaneously;
-          You develop a suitable research proposal with your potential supervisor;
-          You complete all sections of the SALIS PhD Application Form carefully and answer within the word limits given;
-          You submit the application to the Assistant Director of Research, Dr Iker Erdocia by email (salisresearch@dcu.ie).

After submitting your proposal:

Applicants who have the support of a proposed supervisor may be invited to interview. If successful, you will be required to apply formally to DCU via the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC). Note that applications submitted to PAC before approval by the School has been given, will not be considered.

Funding / scholarship opportunities:

You may self-fund or apply for funding schemes such as the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, SALIS Postgraduate Scheme, or Daniel O'Hare PhD Scholarship Scheme.

Call for SALIS PhD Scholarship 2020 is now OPEN. Please visit https://www.dcu.ie/salis/Scholarship-2020.shtml for further details.

We continually update the list of current research opportunities within SALIS and encourage prospective researchers to see if they may be eligible for university-wide or external funding schemes such as a Daniel O'Hare Scholarship and Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme. Please note, however, that applications submitted to such funding programmes before your proposal has been approved by the School will not be considered.

DCU application procedure:

You should also check out the DCU Graduate Studies Office website, which contains much helpful information, including a checklist of things to do on arrival at DCU, and information on scholarships, research fees, student
support, and registration issues.

Application Workflow at a Glance: