The LanguaCulture Space

Welcome to the LanguaCulture Space. We are part of SALIS and open for everyone who loves languages as much as we do!

Weekly timetable: HERE

The LanguaCulture Space is...

a unique creative space on campus for all language-loving students. You can

  • use your target language in an authentic intercultural atmosphere
  • share and get to know each other´s languages and cultures
  • get to know fellow students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • share your curiosity/passion for new cultures and languages

Have Fun with Languages!

we host fun and creative activities in French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic, Russian and Irish. Get enrolled in our loop page and join us.

Who we are

Your are interested in our activities? Write to us!

General requests:



Get involved!

Intercultural Ambassador Certificate

Share your knowledge of your own culture with your fellow students

Attend 3 events/host 3 events and become an Intercultural Ambassador.

Teaching Certificate

Become an expert

Share your language skills and organize 3 language taster sessions.

Intercultural Ambassadors with Certificates

Intercultural Ambassadors of the LanguaCulture Space

SALIS LanguaCulture Space

LanguaCulture Space, DCU Glasnevin Campus, Henry Grattan Building, C135

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