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School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies

Year abroad

What our students say

Aine O'Neill
Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
Year Abroad: France

"Studying on the beach, just part of the Erasmus experience"

I am a mature student (please don't ask me how mature) from DCU currently doing my Erasmus year in the south of France, (how great does that sound?) I am in Perpignan University, at the foot of the Pyrenees and am really enjoying the experience. I have met a lot of people from other countries and cultures, as well as meeting the French themselves.  It was difficult initially, to integrate into a classroom full of French speaking students and teachers, but after the first week or two, I found the students and teachers to be very friendly and very supportive of the fact that my French needed work. I also met some "tandem" students, these are French students who seek your help to improve their English and in return, help you with your French. No money passes hands, so in effect, you get a grind that costs you nothing and you make a friend into the bargain.

Whilst I do have to spend time studying, my weekends and days off are spent touring, getting the one euro bus to the coast and other areas of this beautiful part of Catalan France, an opportunity I would not have received except for the Erasmus experience, and I would highly recommend the Erasmus adventure to everyone. I am available to answer any questions by email; my address can be requested from the Erasmus office.

Seán Higgins
Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
Year Abroad: Japan

The year abroad is a valuable way to open students up to new cultural ideals, countless prospective new friends and ways of living completely contrasting to that of a student in Ireland.