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Anna Postawa
Anna Postawa

Anna Postawa

Current role: Lecturer and Programme Coordinator of BSc (Hons) Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy at Technological University of the Shannon

Course: Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance (Sport)

Why did you choose the program?

I was looking to gain level 10 qualifications and Professional Doctorate programme at DCU looked really interesting.

How does the format of the program fit with your practice?

The programme is fully online, and all sessions are recorded. This works really well for me, considering that I am in full time employment.

How would you describe the role and impact of your peers on your development?

Fellow students who I have met on the programme come from variety of backgrounds. Being able to listen to the stories of their personal journeys has been motivating.

How has it impacted your thinking?

Being able to hear their perspective on what we learn allowed me to expand the understanding of the key topics that were covered in sessions.

What is your favourite thing about the course?

Meeting people from variety of backgrounds with a common passion for knowledge and professional growth.

Can you summarise your experience to date?

Although the programme requires a lot of involvement and hard work, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year. The coordinators of the programme are very approachable and make the online sessions fun and interesting.