School of Health & Human Performance

Facilities | Health and Human Performance


The School of Health and Human Performance laboratories extend over an area of 1,100 m2. These laboratories cater for teaching, research and consultancy in the fields of both

  • sport science and
  • physical activity for health.


Exercise and Sport Physiology

The exercise and sport physiology laboratories cover an area of 192 m2. It includes a Human Performance Laboratory, a Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory, a Clinical Exercise Research Laboratory, a Biochemistry Laboratory and an Examination/Procedure Room.


  • Sensormedics Vmax 29d metabolic system
  • Sensormedics Vmax 229 metabolic system
  • Marquette treadmill series 2000
  • Woodway treadmill ELG 55
  • Monark cycle ergometers, models 824E, 828E
  • Monark rehabilitation ergometer
  • Sensormedics ergoline 900 electronically braked cycle ergometer
  • Marquette Case 8000 ECG monitoring system
  • Body composition assessment instrumentation
  • Field fitness testing equipment
  • YSI 2300 Glucose/Lactate analyser (dual channel capability)
  • Microcentrifuge Sigma 1-15

Exercise and Sport Biomechanics

The exercise and sport biomechanics laboratory extends over 160m2.



Motion analysis

  • Eight Camera VICON 512 M series camera system [Vicon Polygon & Body Builder]
  • HUMAN 3D motion analysis
  • Three Canon XM1 Mini-dv camcorders (20x optical zoom)
  • Matrox 2000 Real-time video editor (Adobe Premier 6RT, Cool3D)
  • Video Projector

Force plate

2 AMTI force plates and Biosoft force plate software [600x900mm and 600x400mm]



  • Treadmill
  • Newtest power timer with large box (timing gates)
  • Stability Platform Model
  • Various skeletal and muscle models.


Exercise and Sport Psychology area

The exercise and sport psychology area includes a fully equipped human interaction and qualitative research laboratory. It is over 70 m2 in area. On the motor skills side there is a range of assessment and measurement devices for recording motor learning and control. These include:

  • 2 Arm Co-ordination Test Model
  • Reversible Pencil Maze Model
  • Deluxe Multichoice Reaction Time Apparatus
  • Stability Platform Model
  • Multifunction Timer Counter for Stability Platform model 54035A*C
  • Complete Minnesota Dexterity Test (32023A)
  • Grooved Pegboard Model 32025
  • Mirror Tracer (31010)
  • Bassin Anticipation Timer (50575*C)


Muscle Core Laboratory: laboratory for the analysis of human tissue. 


  • -20 and -80 degree freezers,
  • ACTDiff2 Cell Blood Count Analyser,
  • Randox Daytona, 
  • Refrigerated centrifuge, 
  • ELISA spectrophotometer, 
  • electrophoreses gel rig and Western Blot equipment. 


Metabolic Research Unit: unit dedicated to the study of metabolic disorders such as diabetes type 2 and the effect of exercise on these disorders. 


  • autoclave system
  • glucose analysers

Postgraduate room:

90 sq metres office space for postgraduates students. 


Performance assessment room (blue room):

100 sq metres area for fitness assessment. 


Weights room:

Dedicated space for weight equipment.


Pedagogy Lab:

  • Video analysis area
  • Projector
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Resource storage area

Pedagogy/motor skills practical area:

  • Gymnastics mats
  • Kicking net
  • 2 pendulums