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Donal Scott
Donal Scott

Donal Scott

Current role: High Performance Golf Coach

Course: MSc in Elite Sport Performance

Why did you choose the program?

I chose the MSc in Elite Sports Performance because it offered me freedom to study what was relevant to my domain and the programme heads were understanding of the changeable and busy nature of my coaching practice.

How does the format of the program fit with your practice?

The format works well for me as the sessions are recorded so if I can't make one I can catch up later. The part time nature allows me to combine my studies with my full time coaching practice.

How would you describe the role and impact of your peers on your development?

The other students on the programme come from many different environments and this diversity has allowed me to learn from them and apply what I've learned to my own environment.

How has it impacted your thinking?

It has helped me to think critically and develop a deeper understanding of what are the influences on my thinking and the strategies I adopt.

How has it impacted your practice?

It has helped take a more evidence informed approach to my practice, to really dig deep and look beyond the commonly held practices in my domain which have very little evidence to support them.

How has it developed your career?

It has helped me gain clarity in the direction I want to go in my coaching career. I am clearer on who I want to work with and why.

What is your favourite thing about the course?

The practical nature of the course and the way it's designed to have a meaningful impact on each persons specific context.

Can you summarise your experience to date?

I have had a very positive experience to date. We have been exposed to a wide variety of speakers from different performance domains. The DCU lecturing staff on the programme are excellent. They have been incredibly supportive and have allowed me to shape my study around my practice. Robin my supervisor has been a great support and has helped me figure out the meaningful impact my studies can have on my practice and those I coach. There is a really nice atmosphere among the students too despite the fact that the programme is mainly based online. I would highly recommend the MSc to anyone looking to improve their practice and gain a deeper understanding of elite performance.